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 Sentimentality reigns on American Idol curlio  
 2006-04-12 22:38:13       
Television Sentimentality reigned on American Idol tonight as a lot of contestants were weepy. We saw clips from all of the contestants' family and friends, which is what had the contestants in tears. Others were sad because of who left, but as usual, you'll have to wait until the bottom of the recap for that one.

Of course we started with the usual interview with the judges. Ryan Seacrest asked Paula Abdul about the difficulty of singing Queen songs. Paula giggled and said Simon was tickling her under the table. Then she said she didn't realize how hard Queen songs were to sing. Randy Jackson was asked about the girls, what they need to do in the competition. Simon said they need to sing, and Randy agreed, they need to sing really well and show personality. Ryan told Simon Cowell that he was the grumpiest millionaire he's ever met. Simon told Ryan that he could pretend to be insincere, but America respects honesty. He also says he didn't tickle Paula, then laughed about it.

After a recap of last night, we were treated to a group performance of a medley of Queen hits while a split screen showed highlights of the season so far. They started with It's a Kind of Magic, leading into Ace singing Killer Queen with Ace doing falsetto. We then went to Under Pressure with Chris and Bucky singing. Don't Stop me Featured the girls, then they quickly run through You're My Best Friend, and We Are The Champions.

Finally, a Ford Commercial that was funny! Okay, so it was funny because the contestants were dressed horribly. They sang "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" while golfing. And yes they wore golf clothes. Ryan asked them who dressed them, then asked Ace if he was blindfolded. Ace said he went out on a limb and wore pink for the first time. He then asked everyone what they missed from home. Taylor Hicks missed home cooking, turnip greens to be specific. Kellie Pickler missed Okra. Paris Bennett misses fried chicken, leading Ryan to wonder if they were being fed! Elliott Yamin misses family and friends, while Ace Young misses the mountains, hiking, and skiing. And I missed what Bucky Covingtone, Katharine McPhee, and Chris Daughtry missed, because there's a storm and our satellite went out. Luckily we only missed a few minutes, and came back in as clips from the Idols' family were playing.

Ryan announced that next week Rod Stewart will be helping the contestants and performing. We naturally got a clip of how totally awesome Rod is. The contestants will sing songs by Rod Stewart, of course.

Then we went through each contestant, with Ryan talking to each of them and playing a clip from their family and friends. First up was Taylor, who said that Queen is the greatest band of all time. Taylor's bandmates back home, Brian and Sam, talked about how everyone is helping to take care of Taylor's goldfish.

Katharine McPhee's dad admitted that he cries every time she sings. He also talked about how Kat has been a performer since she was little, singing into a brush in front of the mirror. Kat was safe as well this week.

Chris Daughtry's brother Kenneth said that Chris gets his talent from their mom and dad. Ryan then asked Chris if he is disappointed with Simon's comments about Chris being self-indulgent with his song choice. Chris said that his fans expect him to do things like that and he likes taking thing that are comfortable to him. (what's that... Chris doesn't like to challenge himself? Newsflash!)

Kellie Pickler was holding a snot-rag and said it was the community snot-rag. Ryan wanted to take it to sell it on the internet, but Kellie said she might need it. After the video of her Grandfather it was announced that she was safe, and Kellie wanted to give the rag to Ryan but Ryan didn't come get it. Kellie got up and put it on Ryan's table. Ryan walked back to his table and quickly threw it towards Elliott, saying that Elliott could have it.

Next video was a video of Elliott Yamin, it was from his family and they went overboard telling how terrible Elliott's youth was because of his allergies, and that he was allergic to almost everything. Elliott was in the bottom three, and randy said : "America must be confused, because this boy can sing!" Elliott got to perform, and he asked Ryan what song he should perform, Ryan told him to just follow the band, and surprise, the band started playing the song from last night. He did a very good performance, one that was better than last night. You could also clearly see that he was enjoying performing.

Ace was asked if he felt comfortable, he replied that he had too many bad experiences on Wednesdays and that he's never comfortable on Wednesdays anymore. The video for Ace showed his parents and brothers. He is the youngest of five, and is always out hiking and swimming and other stuff. One of his brothers said that Ace is good in rebounding, meaning that he can fall down and get himself back up no matter what. Another brother said you could make Ace do anything as long as you put a time limit on it, like for getting a soda. Ace was also in the bottom three and got to perform his song from last night, his performance was just a little bit worse than last night. Before the performance Paula said that according to her Ace was not really in trouble. Simon said after watching the show last night again he still didn't like Ace's performance.

The last two people left were Bucky and Paris. For Bucky there was a video of his dad from North Carolina and how bad it became in their city after their speedway went away and moved to California. Bucky being on AI brought the people back together in town though.

Paris had a video from her Mom, Grandmother and friends stating how Paris was convinced to become a Gynecologist and didn't want to sing anymore. When the auditions of American Idol came to town she was convinced by her family to try out but they also said that Paris didn't expect much from it.

The person completing the bottom three was of course Bucky. He got to perform his song again and in my opinion the performance was worse than last night. Like Elliott you could clearly see that Bucky was enjoying himself on the stage.

Before the loser was announced, Ryan asked Simon who he thought would be leaving. Simon said based on the performances from last night it should be Ace.

The Result was different though as Ace and Elliott were both safe, and Bucky was ousted from the competition. Bucky was smiling and you could see that he didn't mind being voted off as he told Ryan that someone had to leave.

So let's start the guessing which contestant will sing what Rod Steward song.

Oh, in case you were wondering, tonight's recap was a team effort, with me (curlio) taking the first half and Dusty taking the second half. I, of course, switched to a much more entertaining show at 9pm - Lost.
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  (33%) Chris Daughtry (31%)  
  (20%) Elliott Yamin (11%)  
  (13%) Katharine McPhee (18%)  
  (13%) Kellie Pickler (9%)  
  (0%) Paris Bennett (7%)  
  (20%) Taylor Hicks (17%)  

 Ace ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 22:58:52  

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I know many of you out there thought it was impossible for me to beat the last 2 contestants. Remember- beauty always beats big buns & bad teeth! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Guest ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 23:09:14  

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It was great to see Taylor first and know that he was safe. It meant that I didn't have to sit through the rest of the hour. Taylor seems to be a truly gifted individual with sincere reactions. My thoughts and prayers are with him each week. Hoping that Taylor wins it all!! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 jim_laughs ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 23:12:24  

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I thought Bucky would be safe another week. Ace was clearly the worst of the night. That being said, Bucky was on borrowed time. It's just that he was real and that's always refreshing. Will be fun to see this group doing Rod Stewart. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 23:36:17  

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No surprise tonight! It's Bucky's turn to go south! Personally, I think he should have been booted a long time ago, but for some reasons viewers decided to keep him around for a little while. Last night, they must have come to a realization that this is a singing contest and it's time to let go of the least talented. And Bucky appeared to be the right choice to be voted off the show! Good luck!!! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Luv 2006-04-12 23:39:40  

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What a relief! My Kat escaped the bottom three! So long Bucky! 

 toad 2006-04-13 00:45:30  

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popcorn - idiots - or nuggets...hmmmmm

my first chance to see the show on home soil and 'live' on the television. such anticipation of basking in the ai glow at the end of the travel rainbow i thought i was going to explode from joy and/or the large bowl of popcorn nudged into my side that i had every intention of finishing during my hour of deliverance.

but, what in goodness name was i thinking? by the time it was over i had corn nuggets stuck in my throat- for any number of reasons.

ace asking brian to 'change' the song was like watching someone walk up to mother theresa and asking her to steal - just this once - for their own reward. took the wind right out of my sails.

i was already sick to my stomach by the time i got to the site to read and post....

low and behold it got even worse when i read a note that said; "I wasn't familiar with my gal Kat's song tonight, I think the judges like it more than I did. " plz, plz don't make me diagram this one for u. plz just say you get it too - all the way to the center of your very own being and raise your hand with me in solidarity....

worst half popped pop corn moment last night had to be reading the repeated reference to someone not being as bad as they thought they would be - over and over again. or maybe it was just over and it seemed like over and over - whatever. when did the bar drop so low that someone should get kudos for absolutely sucking though just not so hard?

though i must say here and now that old rocker's post as well as a number of our regulars helped to at least calm me down enough to get some sleep last night. they were bright albeit brief beacons of sanity.

by the time i finally made it through the other side of watching and reading i had nothing left in me. i licked my wounds applied my curlio salve and walked away from the puter with my head held down trying to imadgine better nugget moments i've had in the recent past...

its hazy but i think i think (therefore i am - i think);

1. the show has peaked - as some one has already pointed out.

2. cheeba is smoking something way to dangerous for my blood as he actually thought that pick was both entertaining and gave the best last night. if upon reflection it was in fact a matter of the spiked boots causing a positive response - then ok all is forgiven.

3. bucky was on borrowed time. however for purposes of comparing and contrasting grab a peek at the re-runs of the recent cma awards which included some shockingly bad performances of 'proffi' industry veterans. under the circumstances you may want to consider agreeing with me that he does indeed have a career ahead of him. if not that's ok too.

4. paris was even worse than ace last night.


p.s. can someone plz explain to me the obsession the american public seems to have with 'jacked up' teeth?

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 00:48:45  

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I am the fan of Mandisa and I believe she would have been American Idol, I think people vote based on song and style not based on singer or their performance, so I won't be surprised on any result! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Shenova ( Head Editor ) 2006-04-13 00:57:35  
She who thinks!
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Tonight's show was, to quote one of Simon's favorite putdowns, INDULGENT. Why did we need to stretch this out to an hour for sentimental schlock and emotional heart tugging?

The Ford commercial ROCKED!! and was the only reason to watch tonight. It was up there with some of the best commercials from last season, if not better!!

Queen Medley plus season highlights - a forgettable mess. Note to Chris - "Under Pressure" is what you ~should~ have done last night, as your edgy voice caught the tension of the song. It was nice to get to see Taylor sing "We are the Champions" (his original song choice). He was right to switch to a song that he could be his wild self.

Missed section:

Bucky said that he missed "pattin'" and then made a motion like he was tousling the hair of a child. Ryan didn't get what he meant. Bucky's wife was there tonight.

Kat said that she misses her dog Lily, but then her family and dog are only 20 minutes away.

Chris said that he misses his wife and kids, but that they were there tonight.

No surprise on Bucky leaving.

I thought that they said that, like Rod's current wildy successful current record(s), the Idols would be singing from the "American Songbook", not from Rod's songs...and Rod would be helping them out sort of like Barry Manilow did with the music from the 50's. But I could be wrong. 

 momROCKS 2006-04-13 01:00:01  

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OMG...another week of Ace!

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 01:21:44  

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Two strange things about tonight-

One was Elliot not wanting to sing, the other was Chris wearing eyeliner.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 cheebe ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 02:06:29  

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toad - Yes. I was on something. But it was perfectly legal, I promise. Plus, I never actually saw the performances this week (as stated in the disclaimer), only the recaps. So this was mostly based upon on the old gothic horror silent movie makup Kellie wore. Then, I could feel the voices of millions of wholesome conservative spillover Bo/Carrie fans cry out in horror, and then suddenly silence themselves. This makes me happy.

I was kind of about the spiked boots. But not nessesarily the spiked boots. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Shenova ( Head Editor ) 2006-04-13 02:12:46  
She who thinks!
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Guest said:
Two strange things about tonight-

One was Elliot not wanting to sing, the other was Chris wearing eyeliner.
Elliot was still overwhelmed by emotion. The AI producers must be desperate this season - they didn't pull out the sentimentality shlock until they hit the top five or six last year.

Chris was wearing eyeliner when he performed Tuesda, too. At least his beard didn't look like it was full of charcoal tonight.

Note to Curlio, its spelled g-y-n-E-cologist. Sorry, can't help myself, I have to do something with this education.  

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 02:13:42  

Edit Reaction  
I think that Paris Bennett is the best by far, albeit the youngest. Age is nothing but a number that measures the time we've spent on this earth. It has nothing to do with God given talent, or showmanship, and Paris is the whole package! I predict that she will win this competition, but to do so, she must select better songs. I thought surely she would do Another One Bite's the Dust, on Queen night. That would have been perfect for her. I could just see her owning the stage on that one!
The song she did was alright, not exactly one that she could really get into with her moves, but she looked the part and her stage presence is simply awesome. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 02:30:07  

Edit Reaction  
Hi there, being on the left coast, many of you already knew the results,and I can't bring myself to read them before I watch the show, I love a surprise.

At this point, I am feeling so sad for any of them who might leave. Well, not Paris, I don't think she cares enough, maybe at a later time in her life, but she seems like it's just something fun to do. I didn't know the song.

Katherine was gorgeous last night, but I'm not familiar enough with Queen to know that song. Kellie.. I had never heard the words to B.R. before, and hearing her sing it, did nothing for me.

Ace totally fell flat with Champions... I wish he would perform like he did in the very beginning.

Chris, he used to be my #1, but is slipping each week. This isn't about how well he can scream.. so someone needs to inform him that he needs to sing. Dumb song choice. Walk the Line was great.

It was great to see Taylor let his personality shine again,and he can sing.

Elliot - he was my man of the hour! Love the song, love him.

Bucky - sad as it is to see anyone get cut, it was truly his turn. He just is not an Idol.. not American Idol anyway, maybe Idol of his home town, or his trailer park.. bowling alley. I do think he has a voice but he slurs all his words together. (Kinda like Paula)

I have an idea - why not let the contestants be themselves every week. Let them choose anything they like to sing. If they get a contract, they'll do what they like anyway, so why should we force them to sing what they will never do again as long as they live? Let us choose the next idol, from the way they really are..

That said, I Hate Randy's ridiculous hand signs and "dawg" talk. Sheeeeeesh.
Oh yeah, one more thing - Kellie needed to see Oprah a couple of nights ago. She had Pink and others on.. they used to dumb themselves down, and realized what fools they had been. Ok, I'm done..

Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 03:37:58  

Edit Reaction  
Tonight just showed how much better they are without the huge band drowning them out. Elliott sounded REALLY good. Supposedly he did in dress rehearsal Tuesday. Then when the show was on, the band drowned him out. It seems convenient to me that the band was always the worst with him and with Bucky.

I'm glad they tried to get people to see Elliott's talent, because to me he really is the best one this season, but now it's so late in the season, the people who had more airtime and backstory before the semifinals are those who are most likely to stay around. It's a travesty that Ace is so much more likely to stay than Elliott, but Ace has all those teen girl fans who vote non-stop. Elliott doesn't.

I hope Elliott can stay. If not, hopefully he will get a record deal.

I wish Paris could connect to her songs and stop playing dress-up. And Kat and Chris weren't as good as they usually are - they seem to be getting kind of lost. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2006-04-13 05:12:25  

Edit Reaction  
Shenova said:
I thought that they said that, like Rod's current wildy successful current record(s), the Idols would be singing from the "American Songbook", not from Rod's songs...and Rod would be helping them out sort of like Barry Manilow did with the music from the 50's. But I could be wrong.
I was actually rather confused about that, because when they did the clip I thought that's what they meant too. Then later they referred to the contestants doing the music of Rod Stewart. I suppose we'll wait until next week to find out for sure.
Shenova said:
Note to Curlio, its spelled g-y-n-E-cologist. Sorry, can't help myself, I have to do something with this education.
Dusty typed that part, and I didn't catch it. I must be slipping ('cause I'm a nurse and should know that one). Dusty's got a built in "English is not my native language and y'all spell words weird" excuse. Will go up and fix it momentarily.  

 Foo 2006-04-13 05:24:07  

Edit Reaction  
Agree with the comment that Chris should have done "Under Pressure". That would have been the moment Simon said he was expecting.

Ace doing "Killer Queen" falsetto actually works better (or sucks less, depending on your point of view).

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 05:41:32  

Edit Reaction  
So far Taylor,Chris,Kellie had not made the bottom 3 yet.Elliot,Paris,Ace & Katherine had.Anyway i am keeping my fingers cross for a Elliot vs Katherine final with Taylor as the alternate.They are the ones who I look forward to see & hear each week.The rest .....BIG YAWN!!! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 06:43:31  

Edit Reaction  
Chris Daughtery has the BEST vocals, attitude and maturity to win this competition. Kelly is much too immature and can seem to only tackle the country music. Katherine has a beautiful voice, but can she really do all types of music? I dont think so, more of the Celine Dione type. Chris Daughterty has changed songs and made them his own from the start and is a strong singer. Ace, pretty boy, is just that. Elliott is GReat singing certain songs, especially stevie wonder, but again, Chris is well rounded in all the music. I am NOT a country fan, but Chris even made the country song not sounds so country, and he is just really good.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 cooljmom ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 07:55:05  

Edit Reaction  
I am a huge fan of American Idol. I have been watching it since the begining. I have even convinced my husband to watch, and now he never misses watching.

I have to say this year has been both good and bad to watch. I think by far this year has had the most talented singers overall. I mean last year the vocal quality in general was just not as good, however having said that, as good as I think the singers are this year, I am disappointed with the themes every week. I mean expecting contestants to sings songs by the late, great Freddie Mercury is like asking a pig to fly. I understand they are looking for a well rounded singer, however I think Queen is one of those Godly bands that should be left alone as a theme. I mean I know Constantine did a great job last year with Bohemiam Rhapsody, but he chose to sing it. I feel that Queen is one of the greatest bands of all time, and to ruin most of their songs was horrible.

My votes this year have not really seemed to matter, and I know they probably never have, so I have chosen to let what happens, happens, as with life. I mean American Idol is not everything. However, If I were to start voting again, there would be no doubt who it was for, Chris or Eliott. I mean I do not know if the rest of the world is tone deaf, but these two guys are amazing. I mean Eliott is deaf in one ear, and listen to him, he has so much passion in his voice. I mean Simon literally said one episode that he has the best male voice he had heard in all of the American Idols. Chris is raw, passionate, and although he tends to rock every week, I mean you have to at least admit, he can sing. He is true to himself, and I think he is not only gorgeous, but he can wail. He sounds like he could already be on the radio.

I know I am rambling, but I need to say one more thing. I have to admit that seeing Mandisa go last week was really saddening. She was the best female singer by far. I know she chose a sucky song, but I mean asking a powerful soul singer like that to sing country, and expecting it to be gold is ridiculous. She actually was not the worst that night. I mean I just hope she finds someone to give her record deal because she was truly enjoyable to watch.

Last thing. I will say it. Ace Young is beautiful. I mean he is HOT, however, he needs to go home. I use to enjoy is smoldering looks into the camera, but I am over it. I think he is good, but just not the best, and also if Eliott goes home next week, after clearly being the best singer, then there is something wrong with the American public. I mean I hope Chris wins it all, but honestly anyone who has ears can clearly tell that Eliott is amazing. Also, Taylor I love you and your Bob Segar soul. You are truly entertaining to watch.

I hope the winner is a man this year 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Sylvie ( Guest ) 2006-04-13 08:22:06  

Edit Reaction  
Well, I figured Bucky would be leaving soon, but I was hoping that it would be Ace going. Man, did he look nervous, I think deep down he knows that he's not up to par. Fingers crossed that next week will be it Ace's turn to say ba-bye! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 ben1974 2006-04-13 08:49:14  

Edit Reaction  
I was hoping that Ace would leave the show, but was not surprised that Bucky left. The natural order of things have fell back into place. I predict that Ace will be gone within the next two weeks. It is pretty likely that Elliot and Paris are in danger too, as well as Kat, who has not been in the Bottom Three the last few weeks, therefore, people will start to assume that she is safe and stop voting for her.

Here is what people should sing for Rod Stewart Night next week:

Mandisa - Hot Legs
Kevin - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Gideon - The Motown Song

Oh wait, these people are not on the show anymore!

Ace - Some Guys Have All the Luck
Taylor - Twistin the Night Away
Chris - Sweet Little Rock N Roller
Paris - Forever Young
Kat - You Wear It Well
Kellie - Country Comforts
Elliot - I'd Rather Go Blind (Because he cannot hear in one ear; I am reaching on this one!)
Waiting for the real show to start...

 oldrocker 2006-04-13 09:46:10  

Edit Reaction  
Good morning one and all! I was really sad to see Bucky go and honestly tried to parlay it into a reason to stay home from work, but alas here I am. First morning break and just had to get online and chat with my new found friends. (Hello Will and Ben and thanks for the welcome yesterday, you both are cool). I realize Bucky didn't have the voice to take a solo career to great heights. But I think with today's musical technology anyone can cut an album and sound fairly decent. But after listening to Bucky's self made eulogy tape, I believe the guy just wants to play a part in making music. With his desire to listen and learn (great attitude) he will find a place where he fits and who knows!

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2006-04-13 10:10:55  

Edit Reaction  
Guest said:
Chris Daughterty has changed songs and made them his own from the start and is a strong singer. Ace, pretty boy, is just that. Elliott is GReat singing certain songs, especially stevie wonder, but again, Chris is well rounded in all the music. I am NOT a country fan, but Chris even made the country song not sounds so country, and he is just really good.
Okay, since no one else latched on to this reply and went nuts, I will.

Are you KIDDING me? Chris is well-rounded? Good God I didn't even think his biggest fans could come up with that nonsense. The only way Chris could ever be considered well-rounded is if he ate Mandisa! He sings, no screams, one genre. Sure, he broke out of his mold last week to actually break down and sing a song, but that one song does not make him well-rounded. As for making country sound good, you need to thank the band Live for that, as they are the ones who produced that version, Chris merely copied it (and admitted it as well).

K.. I'm done. NEXT!

 Nicole 2006-04-13 10:27:00  
Drama Queen
Edit Reaction  
Good morning all.

Unfortuneately, I missed the first half of the show last night because ANTM was on and I love those shallow hos! So I missed the ford commercial which sounds like it was the highlight of the first half.

I'm pretty torn up about Bucky leaving. I think he was perhaps the only genuine individual who has ever been on the show. I recently got a new laptop and I named it bucky. *sigh* He clearly wasn't the best singer, but he was improving and I didn't hate watching him sing. Oh well, I see him when he comes around as Bo Bice's opening act.

I think my favorite part of the night had to be Ace's drama. Ace was on the verge of tears from the moment I tuned in. He looked scared out of his wits. Then we see this little clip about his family. His dad looked likes some right wing congressman, but I can't think of the name. Then Ace's whole family tries to convince us how manly he is---sheesh, I'm not buying it. Mostly because as soon as the flashed back to Ace his lower lip was a'quivering and the actual tears started.

Who would have thought Ace would cry before Paula?

Then we had to listen to him sing again. I thought I had no more vomit left to give, but low and behold Acey made me throw up a little in my mouth. He is such a tool! No talent girley man. It was the worst display of professionalism I have ever seen on the show.

Contrast with Bucky, who got eliminated and kind of shrugged it off. Now that's a real man. I love him and his NASCAR dad too.

My understanding for next week is that it's songs from the great american songbook. If, like me, those words mean nothing to you, check on Amazon for the 4 Rod Stewart CD's by that name. You'll see the songs they have to choose from. I'm stocking up on No-Doze and Espresso because this is going to be a SNOOZEFEST!

My 20th attempt to pick the order of elimination:
7. Ace
6. Katharine
5. Elliot
4. Paris
3. Taylor
2. Kellie
1. Chris wins it all. It's written in the stars.

But it is kind of exciting that we're getting closer and closer, the group is getting smaller and smaller.

Peace Y'all! 

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   16:03 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
   11:28 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
Sunday, 20 Mar 2011
   15:08 Top 12 American Idol Does t ...
Friday, 18 Mar 2011
   18:58 Top 12 American Idol Does t ...
Friday, 11 Mar 2011
   00:21 American Idol reveals their ...
Thursday, 10 Mar 2011
   21:58 American Idol reveals their ...
   10:56 American Idol reveals their ...
   10:45 American Idol reveals their ...
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   10:02 American Idol reveals their ...
Sunday, 06 Mar 2011
   08:57 American Idol reveals their ...
Saturday, 05 Mar 2011
   17:29 American Idol reveals their ...
Thursday, 03 Mar 2011
   04:50 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
   01:01 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
Tuesday, 01 Mar 2011
   22:09 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
Friday, 28 Jan 2011
   23:14 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
   23:10 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
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   04:17 American Idol 2011 hits New ...
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   18:57 American Idol 2009 names th ...
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