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 American Idol rocks and rolls to Queen curlio  
 2006-04-11 22:29:41       
Television Queen fans around the world were cringing tonight, waiting to see if their favorite songs would be butchered, or if the American Idol top 8 could do Queen some justice. There were some excellent performances. And then there were the performances that probably had Freddie spinning in his grave.

The show naturally opened with a clip of how totally awesome Queen is. The Idols went to see Queen before one of their recent performances in California where they worked out their performances with Queen. It was also revealed that American Idol has a link to Queen. Bruce Gowers, the director for American Idol "crafted" the video for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Roger and Brian seemed to like Bucky Covington. Brian liked that Bucky was interacting with the audience. I thought it was a very good performance of "Fat Bottom Girls." I was very impressed with Bucky's enunciation this time too! He actually pronounced all the words (or at least most of them). Randy Jackson thought there were some pitch problems, but liked it. Paula Abdul liked that Bucky stayed true to himself and made the song a country rock song*. Simon Cowell called it a good song choice, but thought the song was bigger than Bucky. Overall it was a mediocre performance he said.

Ace Young admitted that this week is a little out of his comfort zone. That definitely showed through with his version of "We Will Rock You." He wanted to change it up, but Brian said he couldn't do that to his own song. They worked out some type of hybrid according to Brian though. Honestly, to borrow a phrase from Randy, it didn't work for me. It was okay, but that was about it. It was like Ricky "ewww" Martin doing Metallica. Randy was worried about how Ace would do the song, and it didn't work out for him. He rated it about 5 or 6. Paula liked how Ace paid tribute in the beginning, but then changed the rest around. Simon thought Randy was being generous. He thought it was a complete and utter mess. Randy admitted he was trying to be kind. Simon said that it was all over the place and it was more like We Will Rock You Gently.

Roger called "Bohemian Rhapsody" a difficult, brave song to do. Brian said Kellie Pickler would have a tough job. It was without a doubt the second worst Queen cover I've ever heard*. Mom thought it was "cute" but Dusty and I (as huge Queen fans) were good and properly horrified. Poor Freddie, he definitely wasn't resting in peace if he heard that! Randy was entertained (then again a pig squealing can be entertaining too). Paula thought it started hesitant, but she worked it out. Simon first said the whole look was like Night of the Living Dead. He then said that on paper, it should have been hideous and a lot of people will think it was hideous, but he thought it worked out. Kellie didn't understand him when he said that "on paper" part, she says it's because of his accent. He told her that they have the same problem.

Brian thought that Chris Daughtry was brave to choose "Innuendo." Personally I think choosing one of Queen's obscure songs is cowardice. He didn't sing the song, he screamed it. There were two whole sentences not screamed. It wasn't a good song to do a short version of. Randy liked it. Paula mumbled something about Queen not perfoming the song because they probably don't want to and only you probably could*. Simon said that Queen didn't perform the song live because it's not a good song and while it was a good vocal, he thought it was a shame that he didn't do one of the great Queen songs. He thought it was too indulgent.

Katharine McPhee first decided to sing "Don't Stop Me Now" then changed to "Who Wants to Live Forever" as she wanted it to be a vocal performance. It was a bad beginning, but it worked out for the rest to be a decent performance. Randy thought it was a good idea to switch songs. It was pitchy in spots though. Paula mumbled something about artists changing their mind, then said that she thought Kat did a great job. Simon told Kat that it was almost the moment, but she had some tuning problems. He also told her to thank the lighting people, as they made her look amazing.

Elliott Yamin sang "Somebody to Love" which Brian said was inspired by Aretha Franklin. I thought his performance was excellent, one of the best of the night. Randy thought there were some pitch problems, but said it was really good. Paula called it the best vocal of the night. She loved that he took the best part of the song and compressed it to the short format. Simon thought it was an in and out performance, but overall Elliott pulled it off.

I was most looking forward to Taylor Hicks sings "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (since I got a preview of what songs everyone was singing from momROCKS). I was so hopeful that he would sing this one. He first started out with "We are the Champions" but decided to change. Brian said Taylor has a good quality to his voice. It was so nice to see him get back to dancing and having fun, even if it did take him a couple of tries to kick down the microphone stand. Randy and Paula loved that Taylor was back. Simon thought it was ridiculous and asked if Taylor was drunk. Randy said that Simon is drunk, and Ryan Seacrest added that someone is drunk at the table and we can judge who*.

Paris Bennett ended the show with "Show Must Go On." Brian called her darn good. Personally I only thought she was decent. There's just something about her that turns me off. Randy said it was a hard start and rough in the middle, but worked it out in the end. Paula said the country is finding out that she is a powerhouse. Simon called it weird.

My exact order, top to bottom:

Random Thoughts (marked throughout with a *)

1. Paula said that Bucky made "Fat Bottom Girls" into a country rock song. I'm getting tired of everyone saying that Bucky turns into country. He can't help that he's got that southern twang that makes everything country. That doesn't mean he's turning the song into a country song.

2. The worst Queen cover I've ever heard was at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. Liza Minelli butchered "We Are The Champions" and forever ruined the song for me. Kellie's butchering of Bohemian Rhapsody, terrible as it was, was no where near the horror of Liza singing.

3. What was up with Paula insulting Queen? Only Chris could sing Innuendo live? Give me a break. The song and album were released in 1991, when Freddie was already not in the best of health. Freddie darn well could have performed that song, and done it a heck of a lot better than Chris ever could have.

4. As far as who was drunk at the judges table - while Simon seemed to have an off night, it was definitely still Paula doing the drinking. She made even less sense tonight than normal.
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  (0%) Bucky Covington (11%)  
  (50%) Ace Young (53%)  
  (36%) Kellie Pickler (14%)  
  (0%) Chris Daughtry (6%)  
  (0%) Katharine McPhee (3%)  
  (7%) Elliott Yamin (2%)  
  (7%) Taylor Hicks (3%)  
  (0%) Paris Bennett (9%)  

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2006-04-11 22:42:23  

Edit Reaction  
Oh, and I think tomorrow's bottom three will be Ace, Kellie, and Katharine with Ace going home (though I hold out a distant hope that Kellie will go home) 

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 22:45:08  

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Go home, Ace...Kellie stays another week! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:03:31  

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I think Simon's criticism of Chris was fair. I've never liked that song personally, and I think Chris wasted an opportunity to do something as unforgettable as Constantine doing "Bohemian Rhapsody", Bo doing "In a Dream" acapella, or He Who Must Not Be Named doing "Solitaire" or "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

p.s.--There was less screaming in Chris's performance than this write-up makes out. I replayed it a couple of times, and while there's some definite screaming going on, it's not as pervasive as advertised. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Fredereek ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:09:21  

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Tonight separated the men from the boys. You need a big voice to do Queen justice and most of the contestants weren't up to par.

The MAN-DISA left a BIG hole in the stage. I'm sure she would have done well this evening. Katherine McPhee made me McPuke. She was shouting the chorus. I don't know what the judges see in her.

Top three for me: Paris, Chris & Bucky. Bottom three: Kat, Taylor with Ace going home (finally!) 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 signing ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:34:17  

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I have to disagree w/ above comments. I think Bucky should have been gone for weeks now. Really I don't think he is good enough for the top 12. not sure why he was chosen? 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Shane-Atl ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:37:37  

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I'm sorry, Curlio, but I can listen to Chris sing anything. What a great voice. Song sucked, but he sang it well.
I also was entertained by Kellie. Nowhere as good as Constantine last year, but I was expecting her to struggle with Queen.
I enjoyed Taylor getting back to his antics. Glad he stopped listening to the judges and got out from behind the mike.
I was expecting this night to be another disaster with one poor performance after another as in previous weeks.
But, I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone stepped it up a notch...except Ace who might normally be able to skate by as in past weeks, but not with the level of competition tonight.
Bottom 3, and really, Ace is the only one who deserves to be here.
Reluctantly add Bucky and Elliott, though I liked both. Just think they'll be there.
Top 3, and you'll cringe at this.
But I think Taylor, Kellie and Chris, possibly Paris with Katharine near it. Just too many off key notes for me for her.
I just think Kellie, Taylor and Chris have a huge fan base who won't vote them off any time soon. They are the only three who haven't been in the bottom three yet.
Won't be this week, either.
Thought Ace was going last week, and the week before, and the week before.
Hope I'm right this time.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:40:36  

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I think you are being way too harsh on Kellie. She was not the worst of the night, Ace was. I agree with Simon, Paris' performance was just weird.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Shane-Atl ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:47:54  

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You know, I picked Ace, Elliott and Bucky to be in the bottom three with Ace moving on.
I had Katharine in the middle. She may be in the bottom three instead of Elliott. I watched the tape back and he did a better job.
He was in the bottom 2 last week.
Either way.
And, don't forget, Bucky seems to have a substantial following as well. Could easily be Ace, Elliott and Katharine. But I think Bucky will join Ace and Katharine.
There, that's my final answer...sort of...
On the other hand... 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:52:53  

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When i first heard Picklers song selection ... I thought she would never be able to pull it off.
She has a strong fan base and continued to provide what her fans are looking for.

The bottom 3 will be Bucky, Elliot ,McPhee 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-11 23:55:45  

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I'm finding it difficult to stay interested now that Mandisa's gone. I agree that Kellie wasn't very good. But I didn't think Taylor was at his best either. I mean, Queen, geez. Nobody can sing Queen but Queen. They should have picked somebody else's songs. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 00:09:24  

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I almost completely agree with your order. I would say from best to worst is:
Taylor, Bucky, Elliot, Chris, Paris, Katharine, Ace, and last was Kellie. I think Kellie was really horrible! The judges are biased in favor of her. And the judges are unfairly biased every week against Bucky. I hope Chris wins the entire competition. I think Ace will be eliminated tomorrow night.
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 00:09:41  

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Ace go home already....those falsetto notes really really hurts 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 00:30:19  

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Are you kidding me. Kellie was one of the best. Ace was the worst.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST3 ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 00:30:29  

Edit Reaction  
This was an interesting night, and the contestants had a difficult time matching up to one of the greatest singers of all time. The strength of the voice, the clear sound, and the transitions Freddie Mercury does within the original songs makes them very difficult, and I thought it showed here.

Bucky - While Bucky did a somewhat decent job, he lacked vocal strength to carry this song anywhere, and for me it was a dud. I think he made bottom two with this one based on that lack of power.

Ace - Interesting how he tried to get the band to change up the song for him, never thought someone would try that. Anyway vocally I thought he started off decent but went downhill from there. Even added in a falsetto at one point, and missed a word or two along the way. Bottom two for me.

Kellie - OK this isn't a song for a female to sing, and it shows with her at the start. However she picks it up and rocks for a bit, then finishes decent. At least she performed a bit and entertained, still not great but compared to the rest in the top 5.

Chris - I couldn't understand the words he sings until he got to the parts at the end where he repeated himself over and over like last week. Her should have picked a better song, hate to say it but no better than Kellie. Top 5 but not the best by any means. Average.

Katharine - This is one of my favorite songs as it is on the soundtrack to the movie Highlander. Anyway I know this song too well and apparently Katharine doesn't as she was vocally all over the place. She did sing well for the most part, a good effort, but not up to the original [as none were tonight]. Top 5 anyways.

Elliot - He showed a better voice this week than any week past, yet didn't finish the song at the end, standing there silent where you normally here the long, strong note to finish the song. Of course he doesn't have that note, so average here, but top 5 still.

Taylor - He started off rather bland but picked it up and finished nicely. Probably the best overall of the night, so he wins. I liked the jumping and performance too. Overall very good job here.

Paris - although Paris showed a strong voice she lacked the power and maturity to carry this song. It looked like a girl singing but she has talent. Still compared to the others I think it is bottom three, but not the worst.

So my bottom three are Paris, Bucky and Ace with Ace leaving tomorrow. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 00:32:03  

Edit Reaction  
Kat is by far the most natural-born voice talented person left in this contest. From the first night, she just opens her mouth and pure music pours out, without even trying.

For a young artist, Paris is making her way but appearing less likely to win as each week goes by. Chris will be great as a nightclub rock singer. Kellie is okay but outclassed in this contest. Taylor? Great for middle-aged girls' night out (dancing excluded) but definitely not Idol winner class.

Bucky & Ace? (history). Elliot? Good voice and lots of soul but just doesn't have the karma to pull off the big win. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 cheebe ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 00:48:04  

Edit Reaction  
Top 8 beformances, best to blurst

1. Kellie - The most entertaining contestant.
2. Katherine - acts like an 11 year old girl, but who cares.
3. Taylor - There is something wrong with him. But yet, something right with him.
4. Elliot - same as above.
5. Paris - I still say her first performance was one of the best. what happened to all that.
6. Chris - Eh.
7. Ace - didn't you use to be good or something?
8. Bucky - There is something wrong with him.

due to scheduling conflicts (Gilmore Girls), and a series of unrelated mishaps involving a hot bowl of grits and a broken star wars dvd, I only was able to review Paris' performance, as well as the several recaps of the missed performances, which due to the difficulties of broadcasting a live competition, are not the actual performances but rather interpretations of a forthcomming performance which is yet to be performed. This performance has already happened by the time of the actual broadcast, however, has not happened at the time where which the rehersal of the forthcoming performance (which is yet to be recorded) is being recorded. Therefore, in a sense, you could say that the above list is arbitrary and a waste of time. And that it couldn't possibly represent cheebe's views on performances which cheebe admits he has never seen. However, on the other hand you can say that those tiny 4 second long clips were all cheebe needed to see, and that those 40 seconds of American Idol that cheebe saw was all that cheebe needed to see to paint a full picture of everything that had happened on the show from beginning to end, in its entirity, which cheebe has missed. You know, like a hologram.
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 TullyB 2006-04-12 00:56:18  

Edit Reaction  
Kellie made my teeth hurt. Can we vote her off so she can begin her inevitable career as a Hooters waitress? 
Evil HR Director

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 01:37:27  

Edit Reaction  
Bucky: trashy (passionless)
Ace: limp (turned something anthemic into something anemic; wave bye-bye from the plane, you deluded, "I-rocked" fool)
Kellie: interesting (the 'I'm a dumb blonde' act is really offending me, but the performance was surprisingly decent)
Chris: repetitive (turning everything into grunge is deadly boring)
Katharine: smart (played to her strength of balladry, instead of repeating last week's peculiarity)
Taylor: lame (the hey-everyone-I'm-white-and-I-wanna-be-obviously-hip has a shorter shelf-life than acting like a blonde bimbo)
Elliott: star (the best of the night, real and well-done....for once)
Paris: mysterious (it was a tease: all foreplay, no orgasm) 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 01:43:14  

Edit Reaction  
freddies laughing in his leathers, goodbye ace
pack your bags bucky..... 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 02:07:45  

Edit Reaction  
Lots of song changing tonight!

Did anyone else think Kellie looked like she was 80 or something up close?

And the whole "I don't have an accent" thing?
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 johnboy ( Banned ) 2006-04-12 02:10:37  

Edit Reaction  
Hello Friends:

I was waiting with anticipation for the past week or so knowing that the music of Queen would be featured.

Truth be told ... I was greatly disappointed.

Firstly, I am a huge Queen fan having seen them 3 times in the late 70's.

I also put myself through college as a musician. Thank God I didn't have to wait tables ...

That said, I will make my comments brief.

I thought Kellie had balls the size of Brazil to tackle Bohemian Rhapsody ... and guess what she did an ok job. Now thats a small ok ... but it was entertaining. I don't feel she deserves the boot this week.

Space Ace? What's up with that Dude. Doing Queen and asking Brian May to change the riff to We Will Rock You? Are you on crack? It's a good thing Brian May had the Red Special strapped around his neck ... because I thought he was going to b*tch slap him for being a full spectrum moron. Ace needs to leave.

Chris? What are you thinking? Innuendo has never been done live before? Wrongo my unimaginative friend. Innuendo was performed with Robert Plant singing it with Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Brian May at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992. Of course Freddie never performed it live ... Queen as a group quit touring in 1986, the final album they completed as a band was Innuendo. (Made In Heaven was finalized and put together after Freddie died)

I admire Simon for telling Chris the truth. He's self indulgent, self absorbed and insular. Chris start to sing or settle for the top 4. I'd like to see you leave now ... unfortunately thats not going to happen yet.

I generally love Katherine. But, when you attempt to sing Who Wants To Live Forever ... dang girl ... get the words right. You screwed up the opening. Apparently the judges didn't catch it. I'm not surprised ... I don't think Paula, Randy and even Simon are familiar with one of the greatest movie love songs ever created.

I found Bucky amusing ... and thats about it. I believe he'll slide by another week ... even with the Doris Day hairdo.

I actually enjoyed Taylor tonight. He was entertaining. Didn't do Queen justice but he earned my respect for being the most over the top ... something Freddie would have approved of. I must confess, watching his big @ss trying to kick over that music stand made my diet coke pass through my nose.

Paris whom I don't like actually did an ok job of The Show Must Go On ... messed up a couple of lyrics and was pitchy but she passed in my book to survive for another week.

The biggest surprise of the night was watching Elliot attempt Somebody to Love. Elliot in my opinion is the dark horse of the competition. He always picks the most complicated or toughest songs around. And, Somebody To Love was no different.

Personally, I thought he was marginal at best tonight ... but I give him major kudos for trying that. Dang! If he wasn't so hard to look at ... he might actually go all the way.

In closing, I think Paul Rodgers job is safe with the Queen + PR tour going. And, I feel that none of the Idols tonight stepped up to the occasion.

As the show ended I was reminded once again how much I miss Freddie Mercury and how there will never be another like him. 

 Luv 2006-04-12 02:46:08  

Edit Reaction  
Dial Idol nailed the bottom three last week, this week so far the bottom three are Bucky, Ace, and {shocker} Chris, with Ace going home unless voters in Hawaii and Alaska can save him. I'm not a fan of any of these three. Bucky is my least favorite, always has been. The oddsmakers in vegas say Bucky should have been gone weeks ago, and he's still here. I predict Ace to go home, but wish it was Bucky.

I wasn't familiar with my gal Kat's song tonight, I think the judges like it more than I did. But as Guest said above, "she just opens her mouth and pure music pours out, without even trying", I agree. She also looks pretty hot, my McPheever is rising. She's inches from the bottom three according to Dial Idol. Hang in there Kat, I'll still buy your CD.

If my Kat doesn't win it all, then I pick Taylor. And yes, he was back tonight. He's third with the vegas oddsmakers, but I think he'll win if he keeps up with great performances like the one tonight. Love the gray, glad he didn't cave and color his hair (it'd be like Jasmine Trias without the flower).

Oh Kellie, you started out so adorable, now you are like nails on a chalkboard. You obviously have a strong fan base (and the VTFW anti-fan base), and there's nothing I can do about it. It wouldn't be so bad if you'd just shut your mouth when you are done singing (like the annoying Bynam twins). Some people really don't like you but as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

If I were Elliott, I wouln't have mentioned he never heard of "Somebody To Love". He sang it well, like he's been singing the song for years.  

 She-nova ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 02:48:17  

Edit Reaction  
Well, it wasn't as bad as I feared...but I didn't see anything stellar, either... we are also HUGE Queen fans...

We wuz all wrong last week! Shock of all shocks, Bucky ~did~ try "Fat-Bottomed Girls"! This guy is still growing on me, and while he still doesn't have a great voice, he certainly is making the most of his performances! I slightly disagree with Simon, this was a good performance by a mediocre singer.

Ace doing "We Will Rock You"... I immediately hit the "MUTE" button on the remote. My husband pried the remote out of my hand and restored sound. The first verse was better than expected, and I was finding myself thinking that I had been too hard on the boy. Then he sang "his" version of the third verse, forgetting lyrics, and sounding like a train wreck. He was bad. Second worst of the night. And how much nerve, or maybe stupidity, does it take to attempt to modify one of the greatest rock anthems of all time in front of its Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame songwriter?!?

Kellie - I refuse to waste finger motions on this performance. I agree with Curlio except that I'd say this was even WORSE than Liza Minelli. The husband didn't stop me from hitting the "MUTE" button during the recap. "Kellie made my teeth hurt. Can we vote her off so she can begin her inevitable career as a Hooters waitress? " Amen, Tully! The worst of the night by a mile. We all complained about Mandisa's outfit last week, no one is commenting on the wannabe dominatrix?

Chris - I agree exactly with what Simon said. Bad song choice, good vocal - best for the evening to that point, but he blew the chance to take a great Queen song and belt it out of the park. Then again, Chris would have been criticized as being "one dimensional" if he did another classic hard rock song as we all expected. Also, as a Guest above said, I didn't think that there was as much screaming as Curlio reported. I don't think that this song is all that obscure to Queen fans, then again, only one song from this record got any radio play and this wasn't it. Freddie never did ~any~ songs from "Innuendo" (the record) in concert, did he? He was already in full blown AIDS by the time that they were recording.

Katharine - Guest3 said "Anyway I know this song too well and apparently Katharine doesn't as she was vocally all over the place." That says it all.

Elliot - The discussion of all of the jobs he couldn't keep sort of crystallized how I feel about him - he's got great, God-given singing talent trapped in a person who is otherwise a total F#$% up. He'd never heard the song "Somebody to Love" before? Did he grow up in a vacuum? As good a performance as was had tonight, but would not surprise me if he is in the Bottom Three again. This boy has no "it factor". The performance struck me as "Frank Sinatra covers Queen".

Taylor - ah, the song that I expected him to sing - and what a disappointment! It came off as totally silly. Then again, it is a very silly song - one that Freddie said he wrote in a bar while drinking. Freddie oozed such flaming in-your-face sexuality and awesome talent that he could sing songs such as this and they came off as satirical and whimsical...Taylor's performance was more clown-like. Taylor's vocals were fine, but Taylor being Taylor was too much in performance.

I was startled at how much Brian gushed over Paris. I thought that he said she was "absolutely fantastic". She clearly had the time of her life being onstage with them. Then, I was disappointed with her performance. I thought that she was all over the place but did "work it out" and ended well. Oh - and that outfit - someone smack her momma! Was she channeling Tina Turner?!? Also, am I the only one who thinks AI should raise their minimal age to 18? They increased the maximal age to 28 last year, and it really benefitted them both last year (Bo, Constantine) and this year (Chris, Taylor, Mandisa). Paris, Lisa, and Kevin should all have been performing in their high school talent shows this year, and waited on AI for a year or two.

I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one who wished for Mandisa. Her voice could have done justice to some of the vocally challenging Queen songs.

I refuse to name a top three. I thought that there were two terrible performances (Kellie and Ace), and a whole bunch of mediocre ones.

Bottom Three - could be any of them. The show is an hour tommorrow. My guess - bottom three will be Ace, Elliot (based on his lack of charisma, not his performance) and either Paris (unless she's picked up Mandisa's votes) or Bucky. I will be doing war whoops of joy if we could get rid of the stupid Pickle, but I don't see that happening.


Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-04-12 03:22:15  

Edit Reaction  
I love american idol. I just always have so many favorites, Its hard to see any of them leave. Never thought in a millions years Kellie could pull off Bohemian Rapsody, but she did. She is a real country gal and she always good for a laugh. Maybe her and Taylor could team up and do a comedy routine and sing. Maybe like a modern day Sonny and Cher. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Rellybois 2006-04-12 04:32:53  

Edit Reaction  
For once, Curlio, I agree with everything that you said.

This season has REALLY peaked, and I believe that was a long time ago, circa the 2nd week of the semifinals. 3rd week in a row without an out-and-out impressive performance.

All I have to say is, it's time to take Bohemian Rhapsody to the morgue, but Kellie MURDERED that song. 

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  19:37 It's a GIRL!
Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011
   07:13 Miley Cyrus wants to tour w ...
Thursday, 14 Apr 2011
   21:27 American Idol Top 8 does th ...
   20:59 American Idol Top 8 does th ...
Saturday, 02 Apr 2011
   23:46 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
Thursday, 24 Mar 2011
   22:32 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
   22:22 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
   17:18 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
   16:03 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
   11:28 American Idol Top 11 does M ...
Sunday, 20 Mar 2011
   15:08 Top 12 American Idol Does t ...
Friday, 18 Mar 2011
   18:58 Top 12 American Idol Does t ...
Friday, 11 Mar 2011
   00:21 American Idol reveals their ...
Thursday, 10 Mar 2011
   21:58 American Idol reveals their ...
   10:56 American Idol reveals their ...
   10:45 American Idol reveals their ...
Monday, 07 Mar 2011
   10:02 American Idol reveals their ...
Sunday, 06 Mar 2011
   08:57 American Idol reveals their ...
Saturday, 05 Mar 2011
   17:29 American Idol reveals their ...
Thursday, 03 Mar 2011
   04:50 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
   01:01 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
Tuesday, 01 Mar 2011
   22:09 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
Friday, 28 Jan 2011
   23:14 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
   23:10 American Idol Nashville Aud ...
Monday, 24 Jan 2011
   04:17 American Idol 2011 hits New ...
Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011
   18:57 American Idol 2009 names th ...
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