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 Simon sees the light on American Idol curlio  
 2006-03-28 22:08:28       
Television On American Idol the judges seemed to have an off night. For once it was Randy Jackson who was hard to impress. He seemed to be stuck on the whole "song choice" thing. It got to be a little old honestly. Paula did her standard "gush gush" stuff all night. Simon finally saw the light where one controversial contestant is concerned. The show was very fast paced, making it hard for me to keep up! Thank goodness for laptops.

Lisa Tucker said she knew it was risky to sing "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson. But as she said, no guts, no glory. She had guts, but definitely did not get the glory. First of all, I didn't like the way they arranged it, it seemed to move too fast into the bridge and key changes. It was just not good at all, very pitchy. Randy Jackson thought it was okay, but not that good. Paula Abdul said that you need to take a twist of a song that's so popular so there is no comparison. Simon Cowell said it was painful and just too big for her voice.

Kellie Pickler returned to country music (hey, did I pick that one or what?) singing "Suds in the Bucket." I thought she did rather good, at least compared to previous weeks. Randy liked the fact that she returned to country music. Paula didn't like the song choice as it didn't show her personality or range. Simon didn't like the song choice either, saying that out of 6 years of songs to choose from and Kellie picked a song called Suds in a Bucket.

I think they're using some type of subliminal messages during the performances. When Ace Young performed "Drops of Jupiter" I had an overwhelming urge to go to the telephone. I don't really remember much of what he sang. Okay, so I did close my eyes at the beginning, but then I discovered that he was singing pretty good, so I opened them. He's definitely got the pretty thing going on too. Randy once again didn't like the song choice and didn't think he sang it well. Paula thought it was refreshing, and told him that he'll have to tell her how he got the scar (oh, in case you missed it, Ace pulled open his shirt to reveal a scar). Simon didn't like it, and thought it was kind of karaoke.

Taylor Hicks sang "Trouble." Am I the only one dying to see Taylor morph into a full homosapien? I don't think he's ever stood up fully when he sings. That said, it was a very toned down performance for him. It was a nice song and a nice vocal. Yes, for the second week in a row, I liked Taylor! The world will soon stop rotating, save your puppies now! In no great surprise, Randy didn't like it. Paula did like it. And Simon, shockingly, thought it was an excellent vocal. His only issue is that the style was very "He Who Must Not Be Named" (2nd season runner-up). Ryan fired back that if Taylor was "You Know Who" than Simon was very Kelly Clarkson.

I didn't like Mandisa's performance of "I Wanna Praise You." I like the song, and I would like to see her sing it, not scream it. By the way, Mandisa honey, fire your stylist. Those jeans only serve to give Fredereek more of you to make fun of. And honey, you deserve it after wearing that. Randy didn't like the song choice. Paula said there was a new religion and 40 million people just joined the church of Mandisa. She also added that Mandisa should show some vulnerability with her next choice. Simon thought it was indulgent.

First of all, Chris Daughtry and Ryan Seacrest addressed the whole "Live or Johnny Cash" debate that raged online. Yes, it was Live's version. Can I add that it took the "major" websites until Friday to pick up the story? Anyhow, I get extra special bonus points, as Chris performed "What If" by Creed. Randy said it wasn't his favorite, and that Chris was sharp most of the song. Paula - well we'll just skip her. Simon however - have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Simon! Simon told Chris that he would be negative for the first time, Chris pointed out that it would be the second time. Simon thought it was indulgent. Simon has also apparently been paying attention to the fans who complain about Chris continuously doing rock, as Simon said that Creed wouldn't be caught dead on the show. It's American Idol and Chris needs to start showing a different side to him. Simon thinks that Chris went too far with that song, and he needs to start showing another side. Simon says that Chris can't keep doing this week after week.

Katharine McPhee sang "The Voice Within" but not very well. Randy didn't like it, because it was nothing new. He said it was good, and just like the record though. Paula loved it. Simon even loved it, saying Kat was almost as good as Christina Aguilera.

Bucky Covington returned to country to sing "Real Good Man." I thought it was a fairly good performance from him. Randy finally liked the song choice. Paula told him to be careful with his diction. Simon agreed with Paula, saying he couldn't understand a word he sang. He felt like Bucky was just winging it.

Paris Bennett decided to embrace her youth and sing "Work It Out." It was a good performance from her, she's definitely got some dance moves in her. Randy called her fearless. Paula told her the Pussycat Dolls would be calling her up. Simon thought it was precocious, like a little girl pretending to be Beyonce.

Elliott Yamin sang last tonight, performing "I Don't Want To Be." Except for the bouncing, I thought it was a good performance. Randy liked it. Paula loved the arrangement, and called him one funky white boy. Simon hated the arrangement and the dancing (I hear you on that one) but loved the song and the vocals.

Top Three (in no particular order):
Ace Young
Taylor Hicks
Elliott Yamin

Bottom Three (also no particular order):
Lisa Tucker
Katharine McPhee

I think Lisa will be out finally this week. Her performance was not so good, and she's not had much of a following.

Okay, so I told myself that I wouldn't brag too much about Simon's comments to Chris. I will say however, that I think Simon is listening to public opinion (which has started to turn on Chris a lot faster than it ever did for Bo). And that I had to replay his comments because I was too busy doing a happy dance to type anything he said.

Was it just me, or did everything seem to be backwards tonight? Whenever the judges disliked someone I liked them. I didn't like those they liked. My bottom three looks like it should have been my top three a week or two ago, while my top features people I've not been fond of in past weeks.

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  Who had the worst Performance?  
  Members       Guests  
  (50%) Lisa Tucker (33%)  
  (13%) Kellie Pickler (13%)  
  (25%) Ace Young (19%)  
  (0%) Taylor Hicks (2%)  
  (0%) Mandisa Hunley (4%)  
  (6%) Chris Daughtry (8%)  
  (6%) Katharine McPhee (8%)  
  (0%) Bucky Covington (9%)  
  (0%) Paris Bennett (4%)  
  (0%) Elliott Yamin (1%)  

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 22:32:44  

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Paris looked like Gary Coleman dressed up as Mr. T!!!! With a Milli Vanilli wig!!
I pity the fool! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 22:45:12  

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Curlio, thanks so much for your recap. I'm living in a different time zone and the show is coming on in ten minutes. I'm so happy that Taylor did much better than last week. Can't wait to see his performance. Go Taylor! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Fredereek ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 22:57:00  

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My favoritess tonight were Chris & the MAN-DISA. The didn't sing well but I thought they were different & entertaining. I enjoyed Bucky as well.

The "El Stinkos" were Lisa & Kelly. Lisa will probably go home although I thought she was better than Kellie and her uninspired performance.

Curlio, loved the Taylor "homo sapien" line! I think he's actually suffering from ostioporosis. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Jim ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 23:10:25  

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I knew we'd get a Kelly Clarkson song tonight, but I thought we might also get a Carrie Underwood song.

I thought tonight was one of the worst shows ever.

Lisa did a Kelly Clarkson song, but she choose a tough one and did not do well.

Kellie could have gone with Carrie, but choose Sara Evans, and also did not do well.

Ace did a very popular but overplayed rock song, which I never liked in the first place, and he too did not do well.

Taylor Hicks got some pre-song face time with Ryan, where they showed a supposedly cute little kid with similar hair. Can Idol play favorites any more obviously here? He did a song I didn't know. I've never been a fan of his voice as an Idol wannabe, and wasn't impressed tonight. Although I did think it was unfair of Randy to complain that Taylor actually just sung tonight for a change.

Mandisa did gospel, which I don't like, so it was no surprise I didn't like hers either. I was glad to hear Simon call her on it.

After all the message board traffic about Chris's cover of Live last week, they had to explain it this week. Then he did another cover, big surprise. He did a Creed song I didn't know, and I didn't like this one either. I was glad once again to hear Simon call another performer out here.

We've gone through 6 and I've not liked anyone so far!

Finally we get to Katharine. She choose a tough Christina song. I didn't think she did as well as the judges said, although Simon saying it was the best yet didn't really say much. I thought Katharine was all over the map. Some parts sounded sharp or something, but some sounded exactly like Christina. I and say this as a huge fan, and I still hope/think she wins it all.

I thought Bucky did his best yet.

Paris did a Beyonce song that never got much if any mainstream airplay. It was one of her better vocals, but she did a signature Beyonce dance move waaay too well for a minor.

I thought Elliott did worse than the judges claimed, but maybe that was just me.

I think the first 3 could be the bottom 3: Lisa, Kellie, Ace, with Lisa going home.

Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 23:12:21  

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Hey to the person that wrote this article...something wrong with your hearing?. Look at the votes almost everyone but you thought Ace stunk up the stage. Can we all be wrong and you and a very few others be right? Nah, didn't think. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 shellybean 2006-03-28 23:13:42  
Beanstalk- er
Edit Reaction  
Is it just me or do the judges LOVE talking out of both sides of their mouths. One week it is be original, the next week it is get out of your comfort zone then if they do try something different, the judges tell them to stick with what they know. I have really felt like the judges have menapausal this year because they keep changing their minds!

Did anyone think the stylist were going for the Carrie Underwood look on Kellie?

If you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning!

 AreU4Real 2006-03-28 23:16:07  

Edit Reaction  
My recap for tonights show:

Lisa - Just below average, I like the girls personality but she really didn't do well tonight

Kellie - Absolutely AWEFUL, was it just me or was she off or the band off?

Ace- He is a favorite of mine but I didn't think he did that great this week.

Taylor - I love this guy but I HATE the way he throws is head back during his performance. I love the passion that he puts into his music but tonight wasn't WOW for me.

Mandisa - This girl has some range going on, I didn't like the song but her voice is awesome, she sails through to next week.

Chris - I like this guy and love his voice but his songs are all starting to sound alike ( Is that something that was said last year about Bo Bice? )

Katherine - Now she is an american idol favorite but I don't like her personality although she can definatley nail some notes! Her performance tonight was AVERAGE to me.

Bucky - Now I'm not a Bucky fan and figured he would be the next to go but I think he pulled it off and will go through to next week. He did pretty good.

Paris - What a sweet kid, she's got the entire american package but she didn't blow my socks off this week.

Elliott - Now I love this song and I think he did it justice. He was the best for me tonight.

My Top 3 are in this order:
Best: Elliott

Bottom 3 are in this order:
Worst: Kellie

If I am right Kellie should go home but due to her "Bush" popularity it will be Lisa that says goodbye.


 TerpChica ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 23:19:16  

Edit Reaction  
I thought Paris did the best tonight, hands down! She not only had the best vocals of the night, but she did it while DANCING! Now people, not saying that the other contestants aren't good but I don't see anybody else giving any real movement while singing. She is really a great performer.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 AreU4Real 2006-03-28 23:22:44  

Edit Reaction  
shellybean said:
Is it just me or do the judges LOVE talking out of both sides of their mouths. One week it is be original, the next week it is get out of your comfort zone then if they do try something different, the judges tell them to stick with what they know. I have really felt like the judges have menapausal this year because they keep changing their minds!

Did anyone think the stylist were going for the Carrie Underwood look on Kellie?

Totally agree with you ShellyBean! Just like with Lisa (risky singing that song) But if she doesn't take risks, it was too safe. You have brought out a Very good Point!!

P.S. Thanks to Curlio for the Idol Icons....Love them

 Shane-Atl ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 23:24:03  

Edit Reaction  
Why does no one get on the paid staffers who's job it is to give advice to these contestants on song choice.
It seems that every week they pick songs that anyone can see will be jumped on by the judges, songs that clearly are not the right choices.
Do they just ignore the advice given to them or are the staffers just not getting it.
Happens every year.

At first, I thought Taylor's song was not that great, but in playing it back, it and he were good.
Seemed almost everyone had one of their worst performances tonight.
Kellie and Paris did decent jobs.

Some singers continually stay in the same pattern and are wearing thin on versatility.
Ace once again did the sensitive soft song, even though he led into it describing it as a "rock edge" song.
Chris, even though I like him, only does one style. But can you blame him after Simon praised him last week for doing just that?
Mandisa screams every song at the top of her lungs. Paula was right that she needs to go soft next time.
Don't know if she can.
And Bucky does country every week. Kellie is close to doing that.

Best 3. Taylor, Paris and Kellie.
Worst 3. Ace, Lisa and Chris.
Lisa has been in the bottom 3 the last two weeks and needed to step it up. She also is competing for the same fan base as Paris who was much better.
Lisa will finally go. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Lisafan ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 23:30:29  

Edit Reaction  
Come on, you all. Give Lisa a chance. She may not be as good as Kelly Clarkson but at least, she's way MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER than the pretentious Kelly Pickler and boring Bucky and tone-deaf Ace!!! Let her stay and kick the other 3 out!!!!! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-28 23:33:00  

Edit Reaction  
I'd love to see Ace go home this week. It was nice seeing even Paula, not going ga-ga over him again. All the judges came down on him tonight and it was about time. But since America seems to want to purge the youngest contestants first(that has been the trend), I think Lisa will go home tomorrow.

I'm getting tired of Chris act too, thank you Simon! He's a one note samba.

McPhee again out of the ballpark, Paris too.

Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:01:13  

Edit Reaction  
Tonight's show was very disappointing - the worst night of all for me, as I didn't care for anyone. I sure miss the star quality we saw in the beginning.. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:06:35  

Edit Reaction  
Oh and Ace with the scar thing? Can you believe? How amateur.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:12:38  

Edit Reaction  
I just did not see any outstanding performance tonight. All are good though but not great. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST3 ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:35:26  

Edit Reaction  
I thought this was an interesting week as we finally got to see them pick some more recent songs. Also the judging was difficult, not sure I liked many of the song choices either, so I thought the judges were right on this one.

Anyway here is my breakdown on the show-

Lisa -To me Lisa didn't seem real singing this Kelly Clarkson song. It was almost as if she knew she couldn't do it as good but was trying anyways. I would put her again in the bottom three, I think Lisa is very talented but is still too young to make it, for now.

Kellie - This song seemed to be a good choice as it is similar to songs on the Carrie Underwood album. She looked great and sounded pretty good, so I say she was current and decent enough to be in the top 3.

Ace - This was just OK for me like last week, nothing spectacular yet again. I can see why he picked the song but you have to do better to make the finals. Also could care less he has a scar, I have some and so do lots of people. Means nothing as far as this show goes.

Taylor - He tried to do a sensitive song, picked an odd one with strange lyrics that never seemed to add up to much. Also was pretty weak vocally, like last week. Not a top 3 but this night probably isn't bottom 3 either.

Mandisa - This was a bad song choice and she made it worse by starting off weak and then doing her usual screams near the end, not much to say other than it would never make it on the radio. Another bottom 3 performance.

Chris - I think he has gotton a little worse each week after blowing me away a while back, hopefully he turns it around after this one. His transitions were off and he seemed to be imitating rather than trying to be original. Also repetitive song lyrics don't work when you only have a single song to do, so bad song as well. Close to bottom 3.

Katharine - I thought she was also pretending to be someone else singing this, instead of herself and how she would do the song. Not sure she pulled it off, but it was a little better than the bottom 3.

Bucky - He sounded Country but not a great vocal performance, parts he almost whispered. Still he has a good sound to his voice and didn't do that bad, good enough for another week.

Paris -- This was yet another attempt trying to be another singer, one of the most sultry singers out there Beyonce. Vocally she did pretty well, but this isn't the song for a 16 year old and it showed.

Elliot - Nice guy but has no tone to his voice, I thought he was just OK. At least he did something different this week so I have to say he probably makes it to next week. Although to me he is also bottom three.

So my bottom three would be Elliot, Mandisa and Lisa, with Lisa leaving tomorrow. Tough show to judge though, should be interesting results tomorrow. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:42:35  

Edit Reaction  
I agree with shellybean and lisafan. Lisa is trying so hard to be what they want her to be. I wish they would have just left her alone in the beginning but they said she was singing songs that were too old and she needed to dress younger. she did so much better before she tried to change. She made it as far as she did by singing the way she was most comfortable. It seems like such a set up Chris is praised for not compromising his style and Kellie who is young also is praised for struting around sexy and balsey but Lisa is told over and over to change and when she does they don't like it and its not suprising her last three performances were not what got her to the final 12 but she is trying to figure out what they want. I hope she makes it thru to the next round and sings the songs she likes to sing (in her comfort zone) because trying to be what the judges think she should be is not working 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Lisafan ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:44:34  

Edit Reaction  
I disagree with those who thinks Lisa will be voted off. Ace will get the boot instead. For those who thinks Mandisa is at the bottom 3, sorry to say, you get it wrong. The bottom 3 is Ace, Kellie and Bucky. Off they please. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 cheebe ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:51:44  

Edit Reaction  
Top 10

1. Elliot
Let's see. Over The Top. Frantic. Psycotic. Looked nervous. Voice was humongous. There was so much commotion it was like a riot at a high-school pep ralley. And how he temporarily channeled Eminem for those few key notes was very impressive. Unlike anything I've ever seen on AI. Deep stuff man.

2. Katherine
Very good performance. Has good instincts. I liked it.

3. Kellie
If you listen without watching, kellie's vocals are very authentic. I think I liked Kellie for the same reason Simon didn't maybe. Or maybe the show was just that bad that I had a hightened impression of her this time. Or, maybe the performance was somewhat refreshing. I don't know.

4. Taylor
Very haunting vocalwise. But still, he looked a bit unnatural to me.

5. Paris
The camerawork and editing for this performance was so confusing I wasn't sure what to think. There were these shapes and colors and flashing lights and things dissapearing and reappearing again and before I could figure out what was going on, it seemed like the performance was already over.

6. Mandisa
Shouldn't Mandisa be trying to AVOID singing gospel songs? And is Man-Diva really something a WOMAN would want to be known by? (Maybe this is why she screamed the whole song)

7. Chris
Okay, I'm confused, where were all the other people in the band? And where was all that music comming from?

8. Bucky
"I'm not trying to be rude. But if we're being honest."

9. Ace.
This was not my "most favorite" performance of yours. Or my "most favorite" hair style. But still Ace, the moth that gets the cornflake...also get's the...also gets the melons. Or something.

10. Lisa
Sheesh. I thought the token pretty girl was supposed to be voted off at the #12 position?

Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 00:53:48  

Edit Reaction  
wow....Elliott a nice guy but has no tone to his voice ?
and kellie in the top three ? sounds like someone was in an altered state 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 01:04:13  

Edit Reaction  
Did anyone notice the woman in white commenting to the other lady while Kelly was singing and they showed Kelly's family and friends?

Whatever it was, it didn't look like she said anything nice, and rightfully so.

It seems like her fake act is starting to shine through, and she is starting to show her true crack addict self.
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 01:40:39  

Edit Reaction  

hello!! you are so cool
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 01:46:14  

Edit Reaction  
Tonight - UGH! How could there be that many "what the F^$% was that?!?" performances with songs from the 21st century?

I do agree that the song choices SUCKED!

Lisa - don't pick songs that show you don't have the voice that Kelly Clarkson does.

Kellie - YUCK! A giant WTFWT! As I am typing this, "Nashville Star" is on in the background. For some bizarre reason my husband, who hates country music, loves "Nashville Star". Have you all listened (don't look, just listen) to this other show's contestants? Kellie wouldn't have made their top ten...her voice is WAAAYYY below their standards.

Ace - I thought he did a better than job than he has in the past couple of weeks...but my husband, who was listening and not watching, was gagging.

Taylor - solid vocal performance.

Mandisa - I've been expecting her to do gospel at some point, but the song choice still surprised me. There were certainly better 21st century gospel songs to pick from. I thought that she had good vocals and good energy, but overall the performance was just okay. As far as her having to scream every song...has anyone listened to early Whitney Houston? 'nuff said.

Chris - Same old, same old (and I like Chris). I was expecting at least a power ballad tonight. Even by rock standards, he exposed his lack of vocal range by doing Creed. Scott Stapp, stupid backsliding drunk that he is, does have a great rock voice. We saw Creed live several times before Scott spiraled back into addiction - one of which I would call the best concert I've ever seen. I thought Chris's performance smacked of karaoke.

Katharine - so pitchy that my husband gagged and switched to the NIT tournament. Only saw the beginning and the end of her performance, and they SUCKED.

Bucky - Better than Kellie, but certainly not star material. You wanna see great new country voices, might I recommend "Nashville Star"...

Paris - thank God! One wonderful performance tonight! Showed that she has a better voice than Beyonce. I really like her, but again, would like to see her at 21 rather than 17...

Elliot - Good. I need to listen again without watching because I considered his "dancing" (looked like semi-rhythmic convulsions!) very distracting.

Top Three -

Bottom -

I really want Kellie gone, but my guess will be that Lisa will leave.

Hey Curlio - if I register, can I put a picture of my dogs up like you have your cats? 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Mandisafan ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 02:05:23  

Edit Reaction  
Oh, please. Stop saying Mandisa scream a lot. You must be deaf to say this. Look, Mandisa is a vocal powerhouse. It is her style. Go listen to Tina Turner songs and see if she sings or screams!!!! Give me a break. Mandisa's voice is as powerful as those divas. Otherwise, do you think people are nuts to call her "Man-diva"? Think about it! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-29 03:38:46  

Edit Reaction  
I loved Mandisa's song choice, stop hating on her just because she desided to do a different genre and I don't see anything wrong with that. At least she shows she can sing any genre and I respect her for that!!!! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

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