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 American Idol Guys show they have the goods curlio  
 2006-03-08 21:33:57       
Television We have been wondering all along what the deal was with the guys on American Idol. Randy Jackson said the guys were super talented this year, and with one or two exceptions, we have been disappointed. The guys took it up a notch tonight, with all of them giving at least acceptable performances. My rankings weren't as hard to come up with as the girls last night, but still a bit difficult. Once again, I would be happy with any combination of the guys as the top 6, as long as it involves Ace.

Gedeon McKinney kicked off tonight. He revealed that he is also a painter. He showed off one of his paintings, where he has a record as the earth. He sang "When a Man Loves a Woman." He sang very good. Randy thought it was shaky at the start. He likes that Gedeon is an old soul. Paula Abdul said he was a true showman and needed in the competition. Simon Cowell says that Gedeon is odd, but growing on him. Ryan Seacrest asked Gedeon why he picked that song, Gedeon says that he knows how to love the women in his life.

Chris Daughtry shaved his head because he was starting to lose his hair. He admitted he once had a 'do like Ryan's but he started to lose hair. He sang "Broken" but it didn't work for me. Half the song is Amy Lee's interaction with Seether, and that power was missing. If you're going to do a song that is originally a duet, you need to be able to carry the song yourself (at least on this show 'cause honey the backup singers are trash!). Maybe Mandisa should have sung the song with him. Randy loved it. Paula didn't really care because Chris will sell out stadiums anyhow. Simon wasn't impressed, calling it boring. He told Chris (wisely and constructively) that he shouldn't take it all so seriously. He told Chris to remember to be entertaining. Chris picked the song because he wanted to show his softer side.

Kanye West is one of Kevin Covais' favorite artists. Yup, Kevin is hip-hop. He was a bit nervous through his performance of "Vincent" but he did a good job. He's growing on me. Given time, he could develop into a really good singer I think. Randy said it was an interesting weird song. Paula just loves and adores him. Simon said that ppl will enjoy it the same way that you like watching puppies play. He also said that Kevin would get the Granny vote. He thought the song was too juvenile. Ryan told Simon he dreamt about Simon. Simon said that didn't surprise him. Ryan's dream was that Simon gave constructive criticism (hence my bold word in the paragraph above this).

Rejoice Bucky fans for Bucky Covington has an identical twin brother named Rocky. Bucky sang "Wave on Wave" and yes Ms. Toad, I heard how horrible the band was in that one! I was amazed that Bucky could sing that good overtop of that horrid guitar! Somone break the guitar and put it out of its misery. Randy said it was a great song for Bucky, but not necessarily one to show off his vocals. Paula loves that he's raw and unpretentious. Simon was it was adequate and okay, but honestly that's almost a compliment from Simon.

Will Makar, who studies Japanese, told the 11 year old girls of the world to unite (in Japanese of course). That was a dig at Simon, who says that Will would only appeal to 11 year old girls. I thought his version of "How Sweet It Is" was rather nice. It wasn't great, but it's not a great song (in my opinion). Randy didn't like it, calling it bad karaoke. Paula disagreed, telling Will she is a fan. Simon says that Paula must have been starved of entertainment as a child. He felt it was completely average.

The Easter Bunny, aka Taylor Hicks was next. Taylor once worked at a mall as the Easter Bunny. He sang "Takin' It To The Street" very good, but the windmill thing bothered me. He was better for me this week, without all the "woo" and toned down spastic movements. Randy loves him, but wasn't sure about the dancing. Paula must be desperate for new dance moves because she's stealing Taylor's. Simon told Taylor he could singlehandedly ruin the music video industry. He did love the song, saying it was all about having fun and standing out.

Elliott Yamin, who has 90% hearing loss in one ear, sang "Heaven." He had some awesome vocals over some awesomely bad music! Darn you Ms.Toad for making me notice this! Randy looks forward to hearing Elliott every week, saying he makes the right choices. Paula loves him so much she was knocking things over. Simon wasn't impressed, saying that it was a cop-out. He felt there was a disconnect between Elliott and the song. He also said it was the first time Elliott has appeared uncomfortable. Honestly, that was true, he did seem a bit nervous, but I'm willing to write that off as "Top 12" nerves.

Last up was handyman/cutepie Ace Young. His version of "Butterflies" was awesome! That boy can really sing when he works out all his difficulties. Randy was worried, it being a Michael Jackson song and all, but said it was hot. Paula thought it was incredible, calling his falsetto amazing. Simon told Ace he made it work, but there were parts of the vocal which were not great. He liked the beginning, and the end was okay, but the middle went off a bit (and yes, I agree that Simon was right again."

So my top this week does NOT feature Chris! That's scary I know, but we'll make it through this week together folks. Top three:
Gedeon (even if the smile distracts me!)
Ace (great falsetto + bedroom eyes = WOAH! Could I have a Ricky replacement finally?)
Elliott and Bucky tied (getting props simply for singing good over the horrible band)

Middle of the road:
Chris (couldn't carry it without the awesome female vocal)
Taylor (but he's a HIGH middle!)

Bottom & leaving:
Kevin (unless grannies can war-dial)
Will Makar (unless the 11 year olds stay up late!)

Okay, discussion topics!
First of all, the band was absolutely horrid tonight. Are they always this bad and I missed it or what? I vote that we insist American Idol hires the Rock Star house band! Surely there are some amazing session artists out there dying for work? I've heard better guitarists at my local bar.

Secondly, Simon seemed to be less mean tonight. Kudos to Simon for taking that PMS pill.

Third, Paula wasn't as drunk, but then again, she was knocking things over. Is she hiding it better now?

Fourth, Bucky has a twin?!? Dusty was horrified! Bucky is multiplying! What's next, Mandisa is 1/3 of triplets? (just for you Fredereek!)

Last, Gedeon's speaking voice annoys me. The way he says a few words, then pauses. It's annoying. And he stresses the wrong words. I feel like he thinks we're all idiots. Also, I want to see a birth certificate for him, he can't be 18.
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  Who had the worst performance?  
  Members       Guests  
  (0%) Gedeon McKinney (4%)  
  (0%) Chris Daughtry (3%)  
  (50%) Kevin Covais (31%)  
  (0%) Bucky Covington (10%)  
  (30%) Will Makar (34%)  
  (10%) Taylor Hicks (4%)  
  (0%) Elliott Yamin (1%)  
  (10%) Ace Young (12%)  

 cheebe ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 21:55:19  

Edit Reaction  
This was the guys best show.

Top 5.

1. Ace - Wow!
Taylor - Wow!
3. Gadeon - Bizzare, in a good way.
4. Elliot - dissapointing song choice.
5. (blank)

Well. Will was out of his legue. Kevin is more like American Choir Boy than American Idol. Bucky gave his best performance, but seriously, what's the point? And it just occored to me who Chris sounds like... the lead singer to thousands of other bands. So, with absolute certainty, the guys in the above list are the best 4 guys left. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:03:19  

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i love ace hes so so so so hot and he can sing sing like the wind lol i love him and i would love to sing with him and him win i love you ace !!!!! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:05:43  

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Gedeon's voice sounds like he may have been a stutterer... people who overcome that can sound a little off..

Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:15:16  

Edit Reaction  
AI results are getting too predictable this season.It's more like a popularity contest.

It is obvious who would leave tonite: Melissa,Sky,Will & Kevin

For the top 12,this would be the order ,base on popularity:

Guys 1) Ace 2) Taylor 3)Chris 4)Elliot 5)Gedeon 6) Bucky
Gals 1)Kellie 2) Katherine 3) Mandisa 4) Lisa 5)Paris 6)Ayla.

So this would be the order on which guy/girl would be send home each week.

So i guess the final 2 would be Ace vs Kellie,Ace vs Taylor or Kellie vs Katherine.

But quite frankly,if we judge only by singing and consistency the AI final 2 should consist of 4 only -Elliot,Taylor,Katherine,Mandisa.

Anyway,Simon's in love with Kellie and so am i ! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:19:13  

Edit Reaction  
Does anyone else think BUcky looks like a frightened cocker spaniel? He does make me laugh though..........................and now his twin has been revealed! One bucky, two bucky, red bucky, blue bucky..... 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Fredereek ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:26:14  

Edit Reaction  
Overall, I think the guys have did much better than the girls this past week. I don't think the younger ones did themselves any favors by telling their little stories before their song. Gedeon freaked me out a little.

I wonder? Was Ace singing to a girl or to himself in a mirror? 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:33:19  

Edit Reaction  
Will Makar was the worst contestant this evening. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 K_ ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:40:46  

Edit Reaction  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:41:05  

Edit Reaction  
I hope people call through for Elliott, his number is never busy for me! 1 866 IDOLS 07 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Michele ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:55:19  

Edit Reaction  
I agree -- the band IS horrible and always has been. Sometimes I feel really sorry for the singers that the band is so bad. They play in a different key than the song is being sung. The female backup singers are the worst. They should all be fired and replaced before the final 12 start. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Jane ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 22:57:33  

Edit Reaction  
Top 3 performers tonight:
1. Gideon
2. Elliot
3. Kevin

The 2 that will go:
1. Will
2. Bucky 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 AreU4Real 2006-03-08 23:03:55  

Edit Reaction  
My Top 3:
1. Elliot
2. Taylor
3. Ace

2 to say goodbye this week:
1. Kevin (cute but wave to the crowd)
2. Will (sorry pal Bucky did just a little better this week) 

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 23:06:55  

Edit Reaction  
TOP 3:

1. KEViN
2. ACE < yeah i'd bang him
3. CHRiS 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 gabby ( Guest ) 2006-03-08 23:54:16  

Edit Reaction  
Sorry, but I don;'t think Ace can sing 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-09 00:02:19  

Edit Reaction  
I don't think Will or Kevin will be leaving this week. My money on who will be departing is on Bucky, and Ace.
Ace has been given a lot of chances because of his good looks, this week I think he has proven once and for all he will do anything to disguise his voice, even with a bad broken nasal falsetto, because the dude can't sing. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 barbara ( Guest ) 2006-03-09 00:03:09  

Edit Reaction  
Taylor Hicks Rules!!! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-09 01:14:39  

Edit Reaction  
I thought Elliot did a weak version of Heaven, missing the higher parts and slipping in weak little runs instead, so I don't think he is all that.

However I agree that Will and Kevin should go, but for some reason I see Kevin sticking around and perhaps Bucky leaving instead. It also wouldn't surprise me to see Elliot leave, all 8 sang very well and the differences here aren't as much as with past years.

Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Shree 2006-03-09 01:19:09  

Edit Reaction  
My Top two
Guys : Ace & Taylor
Girls: Mandisa & Katherine

Bottom Two
Guys: Will & Kevin (Although I think Bucky may get voted out)
Girls: Melissa Mcghee & Kinnik Sky


 sandieannie ( Guest ) 2006-03-09 02:15:31  

Edit Reaction  
You must not be a Seether fan or you would know that "Broken" was originally a solo. Try listening to Disclaimer II. It was released as a solo outside the U.S. as an accoustic number. I enjoy it equally as much as the duet with Amy Lee. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-09 02:45:47  

Edit Reaction  
Goodbye Will, Goodbye Kevin. You're next, Bucky! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-09 03:29:52  

Edit Reaction  
Sorry, I don't agree with you on the top three. Taylor Hicks CAN dance and his overall performance was a "12" on a scale of one to ten!! Oh Tay!!!
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 toad 2006-03-09 06:45:11  

Edit Reaction  
curlio - thank you once again for a great review. you reminded me that we did indeed get spoiled with the rock star band and that is as good as impossible to replicate. in my opinion the band is not always bad btw. they seem to be off of their game in general the last few weeks. could be that some of the core members are 'out w/the flu'? while they did bucky and a few others no favors for sure, the worst 'ouch' moment for me was towards the end of ace's song! rewind that one and check it out. oh, the back up singers are amazing btw!!!

bucky - i have the biggest reaction to this guy with regard to the whole competition. the fantasy goes something like this: i have an independent record lable and i have a budget that can sustain a major release for 1 artists a year - in a good year. i missed out on artic monkey and the kings of leon this year and i am just a little 'kicking myself' pissed and even more than just a little worried about what the future holds. so i crack a beer and sit down in front of the tube watching this 'goober' bucky guy on ai and acid flashbacks are going off in my head. i am not sure if i just pissed myself or spilled my beverage i am so f+king excited. i immediately start praying to dear god that no one else is noticing that this kid has major - sell millions of records - untapped and unpolished talent and that his deep low glass bottom boat register voice alone is money in the bank for years to come - (we saw a wink of it at the beginning of the song last week - which he sang better than brooks in my opinion). jumped on the phone and my puter and did a little more digging only to discover that he also writes his own music and it is not half bad already! jackpot!!! i will not have to spend a mini fortune on writers and publishers to get this guy out there. lets see - i throw his brother in the back up band for a little more novelty - and to keep him centered on the road - and viola watch the fireworks!!! i say go ahead america and vote him off now before anyone else figures it out. he will come straight to the queen of the universe wrapped in a gold ribbon w/out all the ai stigma attached. tralalalalaaaaa. happy dance happy dance happy dance. YEEE HAW.

gedeon - great call from a guest today. that the way he speaks is not unlike someone who has learned to deal with a speech impediment. i bet that is not far off of the mark! thanks for that.

hold on here i wore myself out already:

chris - gonna be a tough to stay fresh. work it.

kevin - unbuckle your seat belt the ride is over.

will - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

taylor - hard to read. is it an act or are your for real?

elliott - way wrong song. u should be in the final.

ace - good call. some traction. stick to acting.

rewind moment of the week (so far) - am i the only one who thought randy said "bitch mark" after mandisa's performance?

edit: toad - 2006-03-09 06:47:05 GMT -
edit: toad - 2006-03-09 06:52:18 GMT - felt like it

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2006-03-09 07:05:52  

Edit Reaction  
I can't stand Ace! He is such a poser. He plays this nieve young guy..he is not! He is dating a hollywood actress, he has been on her tv show-playing a singer, etc.
Don't be fooled by him!
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 koko99 2006-03-09 07:23:40  

Edit Reaction  
GUEST said:
I can't stand Ace! He is such a poser. He plays this nieve young guy..he is not! He is dating a hollywood actress, he has been on her tv show-playing a singer, etc.
Don't be fooled by him!

so who's he dating and what show was he on? 

 ben1974 2006-03-09 08:25:47  

Edit Reaction  
My thoughts:

Gedeon - Another great performance singing an old song. He has great enthusiam and is quite humble, yet confident in my opinion. Read a story about him yesterday where it said his Dad passed away about three months ago and Gedeon grew his mustache out of respect of his father. The cool thing is Gedeon is not milking this sob story unlike other contestants I like (Kellie).

Chris - Like Gedeon, he keeps singing the same type of song. This will get boring if the both of them keep this up every week and do not show variety. This was an off week for Chris.

Kevin - Another crap-tastic performance. The kid looks like he soils himself every time he sings. Plus, I noticed this week that he has a strong lisp. It is time for him to go.

Bucky - I am indifferent about Bucky. He is just as goofy looking as Elliot and his singing voice is starting to grate on my nerves. He should make it through.

Will - buh-bye. Take your 11-year-old fans and Paula with you.

Taylor - I swear I was watching a Blues Brothers revivial when he performed. The "dancing" was very distracting, though he gave the best performance of the night.

Elliot - Simon was 100% correct. Elliot is more of a "soul" singer than a pop-rock singer. This was not his best effort.

Ace - I am sorry, but the boy cannot sing in falsetto. I listened to Michael Jackson's version of "Butterflies" after the show was over and Mike won hands down. Ace + falsetto = cringing with a side of ear-bleeding seizures.

I hope Will and Kevin go home tonight. I still believe that Kevin should have went home last week. If his fan base rallies up the troops, he just might squeak by and someone more talented like Bucky or Gedeon may be on the chopping block. 
Waiting for the real show to start...

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