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 American Idol puts up wrong numbers for 3 contestants curlio  
 2005-03-23 04:41:44       
Misc. American Idol displayed the wrong telephone number during the recap of the contestant's performances. One very observant viewer pointed this mistake out to us, and we're quite grateful. I'm usually too busy making notes to actually watch the show anymore for these little details.

The telephone numbers put up for Mikalah Gordon, Anwar Robinson, and Jessica Sierra were wrong. As you can see in the pictures, the upper number is correct, but the lower numbers are wrong. Mikalah's number is supposed to 1-866-IDOLS-09, but the lower number was displayed as 1-866-43657-01, which was Anthony Fedorov's number. Anwar's upper number was correct, 1-866-IDOLS-10, but the lower number was listed as 1-866-43657-02, which was Carrie Underwood's number. And finally, Jessica's number was 1-866-IDOLS-11, but the lower number given was 1-866-43657-03, which was Scott Savol's number.

The guest who pointed this out wondered if this was really a mistake or if it was yet another way for the producers to lead the voters. I think it truly was mistake, as they've been promoting Anwar heavily anyhow, so to do it to him would be odd to say the least. The producers have less obvious ways of leading the voters anyhow, such as background music being too loud or microphone troubles, and of course the most obvious influence - the judges. Randy and Paula are there to be nice. Simon is there to occcasionally be the one to lead the voters, such as his insistence that Carrie will win. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one getting bothered by it, as it troubles our observant viewer as well. I did enjoy her performance tonight, but I'm also tired of having her crammed down my throat as "the next American Idol." She's good, but she's not that consistently good. There are others who are better and more consistent.

I do feel that should Mikalah be the one to go, as I feel she will be, then her fans will scream bloody murder that it was foul play. A similiar thing happened in the finals of American Idol's season 2, with Clay Aiken's home state having a very hard time voting. I believe that almost no one from his home state got to vote. If the American Idol producers didn't do anything about that, you can bet they won't do anything about this. Beyond that, I think that it won't effect the outcome anyhow, as most people don't pay attention to that bottom number, they read the top number instead.
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 05:14:08  

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Was Paula drunk tonight? She was all over Simon and wooing all over the performances Or is it just me? 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 05:18:32  

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I think that Paula is always on some sort of narcotics... lol 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 05:19:18  

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According to Steve from FOX-NEWS they will redo the show Wednesday night. They also filmed the show monday night. It was taped. It was not live! KTLA was giving away tickets for the Monday night show.

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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 05:21:40  

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Yes, I noticed the wrong numbers for Mikalah, Anwar and Jessica too. I wonder HOW they're going to handle this on Wednesday. I hope they give everyone a chance to vote again with the correct numbers. I certainly hope they DO NOT make the decision to not cut anyone, as I feel it's definitely time for Mikalah to go! 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:13:19  

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i don't buy the idea that it was a simple mistake. This show thrives on controversy--either real or artificially generated by the producers--to keep people watching.

Interesting news that the show was taped and not live. i really feel that the vocals on some of the contestants tonight--Carrie and Anthony for example--were electronically "tweaked". Little inconsistencies in live vocals are noticable and they were too polished tonight, iMO. i don't think that there could have been such a noticable improvement from last week to this week. After viewing the tape, i think the producers computer-enhanced certain performances for the actual televised show.
This is the second show that was not a live performance since the top 12 were chosen--wonder why? 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:15:30  

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actually, none of the top 12 shows are live, except for the final episode, i believe. they will all be previously recorded.  
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 Singer_in_LB ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:16:40  

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I definitely have to agree about the numbers and about Mikalah. I think that she should have been gone a long time ago for crimes against humanity...namely sounding like the Nanny (even in song). I can't understand a word she says when she sings, and her pronunciation is horrible. As far a Carrie goes, I have to disagree to some extent. I agree she did an excellent job tonight, but I think she's a little more consistent then you say. The thing with Carrie is that she has the southern country twang, and it's definitely present in every song she does. If you're not a country fan, you're not going to enjoy her. One thing I can say for her is that even on shows where the performance wasn't great she has maintained pitch and sung well. We need to remember that this IS a singing competition. I think Bo, Carrie, Anwar, and Jessica are the top four vocally. Vonzell is very good too, but she doesn't bring it out as much as she should.

A final word...Paula needs to shut up. She says the same bs about everyone..."I'm a fan" or "I love your voice" "you're so creative" "you're so different" and yet no one interrupts her, but any time Simon wants to tell the truth (hey buddy, you were off pitch), she interrupts and won't let him get a word in edgewise. There just comes a point where nice isn't gonna cut it, we're talking about the best, and they can't all be number one!!! 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:24:42  

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I know that they all have a chance at winning but i hope carrie underwood WINS!!! She rocks and her voice is like an angel. 
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 segrestde ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:28:13  

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Get Mikala a ticket home. ..... she is our of her league!!!

Loved Carrie's performance, but not the top of her hair! Scott was terrific tonight, and so was Jessica and Vonzel! Anwar is adorable, that was not his best performance tonight, but he still deserves to be there.

What can anyone say about Anthony. He is like "Faiken Aiken," but will never have Clay's ability. Anthony seems like a nice kid, but doesn't have enough talent, stage presence, nor looks to EVER be the star that Clay is. Too bad for Anthony, because he won't get past the next three shows.  
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:29:11  

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No way Carrie should go - as for me I think she's the next American Idol. Her voice, her looks and her person are beautiful. Anwar, Bo, and Jessica are terrific also - but Carrie has it over on them.
PLEASE America - DONT vote for Makalah I cant stand another week listening to her. How she made it this far is beyond me 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:30:23  

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I mentioned that Paula appeared to be drunk as well when we watchd it back on Tivo for two reasons... She kept turning around in her seat looking like she was bouncing on her knees when the singers were behind the judges console. Second, she was forcing herself all over Simon, kissing him all over when he agreed with her. I thought it was funny the time he leaned as far away as possible and pushed on her as if to say "get out of my face".

She adds nothing to the show, she mimics Randy, usually and has absolutely no guts to say the things that need to be said at times. I really hope that she doesn't like some of the things she says she likes. 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:32:11  

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i think Mikalah should have 1 more chance, since she was doing good in the begining, and that Nikko Smith should go next, by right he should since he was already voted off  
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:38:06  

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acording to kttv fox11 they are reairing tonight's american idol and then on thursday after the oc they will
have the results 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:40:05  

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After we send home Makalah its time for Constantine to take a hike. He is so full of himself its pitiful. He thinks he's God's gift to women- He to is out of his league - go back to you band they miss you 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:40:08  

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FOX affiliate in LA just announced that they are throwing out the votes tonight and are reairing tonight's episode tomorrow at 9, and the results show will be airing on Thursday due to the voting glitch. 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:51:03  

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Makalah's voice goes right through me, she's worse than Fran Drexler, because Fran made her voice into something funny and unique. Makalah is a cheap imposter. And the attitude she has for a 17 year old, get her some help there mom. I must agree with the fact the Constantine's got to go next. The Partridge Family ??? Are you kidding. And the way he flirts with the camera - make me sick. 
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 Dru ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 06:52:16  

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I agree that Carrie is a good singer, but what about GREAT singers like Anwar?!?!? He was Simon's pride and joy up until he started his crush on Carrie. During the opening of Anwar's song tonight, the mic wasn't up, and then one of the judges commented on a "weak beginning"... Yeah, because we couldn't hear it!!!!!!!!!!You go Anwar.... you deserve every good thing that comes your way!!!!!!! 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:04:29  

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all votes are now VOID. according to ch 11 fox news 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:09:05  

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We had some reception problems here in Santa Rosa, CA. Did anyone else? We are on Dish Network, and during the commercials after Bo sang, the picture suddenly froze, and that was that! A few minutes later the frozen picture went to black. I went to other channels and they were fine. I even pulled the computer card on my Tivo and completely reset it -- same result. I was kind of freaking out because I thought maybe LA was under attack or something! LOL! Silly of me ... anyway, did anyone else have this issue or do I need to call my Dish Network in the morning? 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:14:29  

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I agree with the fact that Makalah (she should go soon) and Constantine are definitely not the strongest, but atleast Constantine has personality. He brings something extra that people like Scott, who has a better voice, just don't have. Most people won't forget him any time soon. I do think, though, that Carrie or Anwar should win. They have amazing vocals. 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:16:01  

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If you could not figure it out by the oder they performed, then..... 
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:26:08  

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"GOD BLESS THE CHILD THAT GOT HIS OWN" Mikalah needs to sing a Bette Midler song--Check out Bette's movie "From the Boys"-----I know Mikalah has some really good performances in her....she just has to have faith in herself. Remember, it was Mikalah setting the pace in the beginning.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:32:54  

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They should just put two off next week and not bother re showing the whole show. Let tomorrow elimination happen without the elimination and have Fantasia come in to sing or Kelly or Ruben or whomever and they must have been rehearsing a group song so let it be.... 
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 iDude ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:32:56  

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Someone's getting fired I'm sure... :-) 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 SBshine ( Guest ) 2005-03-23 07:56:18  

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<<actually, none of the top 12 shows are live, except for the final episode, i believe. they will all be previously recorded. >>

Actually this is not true, I attended last year's top 12 show (it was 2 hours long), and it was definitely broadcast live.

I heard that the reason they were pre-recording the Top 12 and 11 shows was because they were only 1 hour, and they wanted to be fair and give everyone equal time.....easier to do that if it is pre-recorded.

I never pay attention to the numbers posted, because we number a sheet of paper and list the contestants on it......we dial from those numbers. I always check to make sure the message matched the number of the contestant I dialed........I think most people would do this as well.  
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

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