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 (update 2) hacked dusty  
 2003-04-19 12:03:50      
Misc. The official madonna site has been hacked by some hackers today.

This is most likely a response of a hacker to Madonna's try to beat pirates and them getting the wrong mp3's instead.

The hacker put 5 songs of madonna on the site which people would be able to download if they would visit the site, and as long as the site hasn't been restored.

At the top of the page it says: "This is what the * I think I'm doing..." which is ofcourse the response to the question of madonna in her fake mp3's where she says "What the * do you think you're doing?".

As soon as there is an official word from a spokesman we will ofcourse let you know.

Thanks to Andabata for submitting this news-tip.

update: Now ( approx 21:00 CET ) discovered they were hacked and brought their own server down.

Screenshot of after being hacked

The site is restored as it's supposed to be. In the news of the site there is no news about the hack though.
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Article Closed

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 Jeremy ( VIP ) 2003-04-19 12:14:09  

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Wow... that is really crazy. I didn't know Madonna was doing that to her MP3s... however, the person who was POed... should have just went out and got the CD... no need to hack the site... 

 dusty ( Website Owner ) 2003-04-19 12:22:00  
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Nah, the person that hacked the site probably posted those mp3's on the site, however I personally think the hacker shows that you can fight against mp3's, you can delay the spreading of the mp3's but in the end people will end up with your songs in mp3's anyway, no matter what you do. ( or try to do.) 
For I am the dust!

 Jeremy ( VIP ) 2003-04-19 12:38:23  

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There is always a way to get the song into MP3. Madonna wasted her time trying to prevent it, she just delayed it like u said.

I admit to downloading MP3s, however they have increased my music library, and influenced my to purchase diff. CD's from diff. artist.

Downloading MP3s is kinda like, letting me be free in the FYE store, to listen to w/e I want, watch what I want... see what I like, then if I like it... purchase it :P 

 wannabe315 2003-04-19 14:28:33  

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Personally I think it's "*ing" funny. Madonna deserves it. The little stuck up porn star needs a little humor in her life to get her head pulled out of her "*". Hurrah to the hacker with a sense of humor. 

 ToM 2003-04-19 15:52:58  
‹ber Geek
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"Wasn't me!" ;P 

 Vibepower 2003-04-20 00:06:58  

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Jan Wielgosz

Madonna seems to have preached a little too much about the evils of music piracy. She bombarded file-sharing networks with decoy sound files. Anyone who download one of these got to hear Madonna asking "What the f ---- do you think you're doing?"
A scolding from Madonna could be seen as being a bit of a turn on ,however, it seems that some hackers were not so much turned on as hacked off. Early on Saturday they cleaned out and replaced the content with a high quality, downloadable catalogue of mp3ís that included the whole American Life Album and some remixes.

"This is what the f---- I think I'm doing...," reads the accompanying message. Is this a hackers reply to Madonnaís question?

In fact is this really the hacking community showing Madonna whoís boss or simply a crafty promotional stunt?

Well this is Madonna, publicity guru extraordinaire, so anything is possible. But given that all the songs are available via a non downloadable stream on it seems strange that she should give the songs away for free only days before they hit the shops.

Having said that after spending years of shocking us all , who would have thought that Madonna would have withdrawing her American Life Video? The mind boggles.

If it is down to Madonna Iím sure she has her reasons but if itís the hackers they have retaliated in a media savvy way. By hacking into the official Madonna site they have been able to turn Madonnaís popularity against her. They have taken advantage of the sites popularity to get the product into cyber space.

Whichever it is, the music is now freely available which no doubt means that there is a file sharing frenzy going on on sites such as Kazaa.

At the end of the day does it really matter? The album is released on April 22 at which point piracy will be inevitable.

Madonnaís a bit of a control freak so she may be a tad pissed off at the moment, but given that American Life is in number one I think she will get over it.

The Album itself has received some poor reviews, but in reality is better than Music. Great pop songs bounce around on complicated beats, whilst Madonna, realising her vocal limitations has, with the help of Mirwais, morphed into a kind of Tori Amos with attitude. It rocks.

 Obsidious 2003-04-20 02:52:13  
Jedi in Drag
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That was hilarious. 

 Vibepower 2003-04-20 09:30:09  

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Jan Wielgosz


Early on Saturday was replaced with a high quality, downloadable catalogue of mp3ís that included the whole American Life Album and some remixes.

There is still uncertainty as to whether this was a crafty promotional stunt by Madonna or an attack by hackers. was a link provided by the hacker, but the website denies any involvement.

ďWe donít know this hacker, and we believe that they linked the
Phrack Magazine website on the defaced page because they thought
it would hurt us. Some people donít want the magazine
to be published, because we reveal new techniques and provide new
code for the security community, and they would like to keep all this
stuff for themselves.Ē

We are not linked with this hacker in any way, and we donít know his identity.

The case remains unsolved.

 herbie 2003-04-28 22:15:40  

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By the way, the story has made it to CNN: 

 Hyro 2003-04-29 02:12:39  

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Well, all I've got to say is this: It's about time. The bugger's in the supposed 'corporate world' need to realize that what they are dealing with here is uncheckable... It's pointless to try and strike back at something as intangible as a bunch of bored teenagers with anonymity and advanced software. The only possible stopping of leakage is pre-release, but that can't be helped cause the artists simply must debut their album's on the radio... hence exposing their CD's to untrusty DJ's, who by now have become the anonym hackers out there. I got here from CNN. I know that Madonna's ppl will be checking this board. It was a quick series of succinct links that got me here. My message is this: Give up.

Of course they can't give up, not yet. It is, after all, their job's. So now we can hear aging use-to-be-sex-icon celebs swear at us. If it was Spears or Ag'y or Shakira we'd all be sweating our pants, but it's madonna. So now it's annoying, a nuisance, something to piss over, but little more. All this does is discriminate against a possible audience. Just like Metallica, this means nothing.[/img] 

 jumpmanlives 2003-04-29 16:32:50  
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I think that music is somethink that is made to be heard and shared. As far as live bands, new bands, poor bands, and times basically if you feel guilty about free music that wasn't intended to be so, support them with sales. If it is only about the money not about having your intellectual property exploited then that person disheartens me.  

 obstacle_1 2003-05-01 01:58:53  

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I think both sides of the story are great. Madonna had a great idea to start with. And since her website was hacked, I think it was a great fuel to the fire. I mean, who else but Madonna? I smell WAR. 

 Jeremy ( VIP ) 2003-05-03 14:34:57  

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*Side Note*

The Morgan Webb thing... I know what that is about if anyone wants to know :)

Okay, we have Tech TV here in the USA (Dunno if in other countries too....) Anyways, Morgan Webb is on a couple of the shows, such as The Screensavers and most recently known for being on Extended Play. Tech TV, and many other News Programs interviewed Morgan, and she was totaly flattered about the proposal... but said "no" :P


Info On Morgan

Morgan's Personal Website/Blog

Good Article/Message

Hope I helped ya :P


 Knoxville 2003-05-03 19:57:18  
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A female nerd, who wouldn't want to marry her? 

 Jeremy ( VIP ) 2003-05-04 03:44:14  

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Knoxville said:
A female nerd, who wouldn't want to marry her?
Lol! Im actually watching Extended Play (Which he Co-Host on) I guess someone who is into the same stuff as her :)

Everyone has a match :P

Hacker + Female Nerd = :) 

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