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Is your target audience music lovers from the United States? Europe? Or another part of the world? You can find those people on
At an average over 5 pageviews per visitor (Feb 2006 statistic) There are enough opportunities on to reach those visitors to bring attention to your service and goods.
With the advanced banner system that has been developed by the developers of themselves you can target the advertisment based on their location or by subject of the page. Want only to advertise Britney Spears Tickets when the main part of a page mentions a certain artist? That is absolutely no problem!

We are able to serve any size of advertisement. We are not bound by industry standards! After all the industry standards for webpage advertising limits the possibilities much more than what's possible to do.

We do however have our own rules. ( no pop-up/under, advertisement needs to be appropriate to our visitors )

Our belief is that every advertiser has their own wishes and demands, and thus it would be impossible to give an exact pricing ahead of time.
What we can say is that our prices are quite low and a lot lower than most other music websites. We start at $1 per 1000 views (integrated text link), Banners etc. are a little bit more expensive depending on their 'requirements'.

If you might be interested in advertising on you can contact for information at (clickable):

Companies that want to become a permanent sponsor of are very welcome!
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