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 curlio  ( Website Owner ) 2009-11-26 12:52:34 
After waiting 9 years and 9 months, our daughter Serafina Imoen has finally decided to grace us with her presence! Imoen was born at home (yes that was planned) on Saturday November 21, 2009 at 7:49 am weighing in a 6 pounds 1 ounce and measuring a whopping 21 inches long!

Imoen had a bit of difficulty at first. Her initial APGAR was only 5, because she wasn't crying and wasn't moving around too much. There was a bit of meconium in the amniotic fluid as well, but not too much to be worried about. She pinked right up and started screaming in time to get a 10 on her second APGAR, a perfect score (she's a perfectionist already we're so proud!). She weighed in at 6 pounds 1 ounces and a whopping 21 inches long. She's long and thin so she'll either be a supermodel or a basketball player when she grows up!

Since she was so long and thin, the midwife was worried that she might not be able to maintain her body temperature. After calling the pediatrician we had picked out, it was recommended that we head to the hospital just to have her checked. The doc was worried about her blood sugar too. So after packing us all up, we headed up the hospital - better to be safe than sorry! We waited 9 years for this bundle of joy, we're not taking chances!

When we got to the ER, they decided to send us up to the NICU, because they are better equipped to deal with brand new newborns and there wouldn't be any contagious people there to infect Imoen. After a check, it turned out her body temp was maintaining just fine, but her blood sugar was indeed a little low. She was admitted to elevate her blood sugar and wait to see if it would maintain. Since we've decided to breastfeed, we absolutely refused supplemental feeding. Luckily the doctors understood and went with IV fluids instead to raise her blood sugar. Lots of blood tests followed, with a hematocrit coming back a bit too high. It turned out to be a false alarm though. They explained to us that they can get a false high when they take the blood from the heel. The repeat done with venous blood was perfectly normal.

Sunday morning they found yet another thing 'wrong' with the baby. They decided her resting heart rate of 65 was just too low and thought they saw some abnormal heartbeats. Dusty and I tried to tell them that she would probably have inherited the low resting heart rate from her Papa, whose RHR is also in the mid 60's. They insisted they had to do a chest X-ray and an EKG to make sure she was okay. While that was going on, they decided to finally take Imoen off of the IV fluids so we could see if she would maintain her blood sugar with just breast milk. The requirement was that she had to have 2 blood sugars in a row over 50 before we could go home. The first blood sugar was 45 (getting there and way better than the thirtysomething she was when she came in!) before feeding. After a good long nursing session, we scored a 56! Meanwhile the EKG and chest X-Ray finally came back with an all-clear verdict. The cardiologist said that it was normal for some to have a lower heart rate. As long as her color is good, particularly in her fingers, toes and mouth, and her oxygen is good then she's fine. There was nothing wrong with the heartbeats at all.

After coming back from a very late lunch, the nurses lay another problem on us. This time Imoen's oxygen went down 'too low' and she might have to stay another day. We took issue with this, as the sensor had been failing the whole time we were there. The only time her oxygen went down dramatically while we were there was when she was crying, which she did often as they kept poking her to get blood. For some reason when you're screaming you don't get much air in, it doesn't take a medical degree to figure that one out! We were just so frustrated at this point, having been awake for 2 days and in the hospital more than 24 hours of that! We knew the only thing our baby needed was to get home away from beeping monitors, nurses, blood draws and bright lights. After hearing that our family was being told we weren't going home that day, we got really angry, as we were being told we were told that they just needed to check into the oxygen problem. A talk with the nurse practioner and doctor finally led to the discussion that indeed the oxygen was indeed fine as she's maintained a good color the entire time she's been in the hospital! And as we had our second good blood sugar in a row (61) at 5 pm we were finally given the all clear to go home.

Unfortunately things don't work all that smoothly in a hospital. There is paperwork to do, forms to sign, videos to watch and more excuses they come up with to try to keep you there to bill insurance longer for the room. Luckily a very smart nurse had us watch the required videos on Saturday while we were bored, so that 3 hours was spared us. Next they came up with a couple of tests they hadn't done yet. They wanted to do the newborn screening, which tests for genetic disorders including PKU. We're not against the test, we just wanted it done after the baby was a few days old. Our midwife Brenda told us that the results are better if the baby has actually eaten for a few days as it tests whether or not the baby can metabolise certain proteins. This caused a big hassle, as we were actually REFUSING something. We weren't "refusing", it was already scheduled with the midwife! Then they came up with a hearing test. Apparently babies who have a low blood sugar can have damaged to their ears. Hearing is a good thing, and since the test would only take a couple of minutes, we agreed to have it done. At 7:15 pm, 45 minutes after being told it would be a 'couple of minutes' we got a bit angry. The nurse came in and told us that she hadn't even contacted the person who does the test yet. Finally we blew up and complained about getting this whole discharging process moving at a pace that might actually lead to us being home while it was still Sunday. The message was clearly heard as the doctor came in a few minutes later, followed by the hearing tester, and followed by the charge nurse. The charge nurse actually discharged us and took us outside, so you know they decided to speed up the process.

Imoen has been an angel since leaving the hospital. She's eating better and actually getting some sleep now that she's not being poked and prodded! I've actually had to wake her up to feed her, something I don't like to do but she's just so darn skinny that I don't want her to go too long without food! We've had to go back to the pediatrician several times as they want to keep a close eye on her weight. She lost a bit at first as all newborns do, but trust me when I say she's definitely eating enough to be putting on the pounds now!

 Uttam  ( News Editor ) 2009-11-27 19:37:18 
Die, my Dear?
Awwwwzzz. Congratulations!!! So happy for you guys. Glad she's doing ok now and the name is really beautiful! Think I'll have some beschuit met muisjes on your behalf tomorrow nudge

You know.. my folks tried for 10 years. Doctors repeatedly told them they had to undergo AI to get kids. Then my mom went pregnant 5 years/times in a row!

Enjoy every moment!


  Before I speak, I have something important to say  

 winona1717 2009-12-07 02:00:55 
Congrats! She truly is a miracle baby!

 Ignacia 2010-04-29 16:14:32 
  bollocks 2 u 2    
Very happy for both of you. She's beautiful and I wish you all a healthy future.

Little to late now to be sending out those pink mice 'muisjes' though !

Kay :)
what would you do if i sang outta tune?

 Phoenix 2010-05-07 16:37:22 

From an old friend from Belgium :-) And with thanks to Kay for reminding me about this website haha - does my original account from years ago still even exist here? :-D

Are you guys on Facebook?? :-)

  Yes, we can!  

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