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 American Idol in Seattle leads animals out the wrong door curlio  
 2007-01-17 23:46:01       
Television American Idol in Seattle had two themes - animals and again with the wrong door. Yesterday's Minneapolis episode had most of the contestants leaving through the wrong door.Tonight had quite a few animal references, with again a wrong door theme.

First up ws Brandon Groves, in all patriotic wear. If he looked familiar, he should, he performed last year in his sheriff's uniform singing "I Shot The Sheriff." This year in all-patriotic gear, he sang "God Bless America." Paula Abdul wondered if he was kidding. After a round of NO from all three, he left. Paula then said he'll be dressed as an indian chief next season.

Then came "The Hottness" aka Jennifer Chapton, who definitely overdid the collagen in the lips. She says she sounds like Mariah Carey and that people in high school started calling her "The Hottness" because of her spicey personality. Quite frankly Jen I think they were making fun of you. Anyhow, Paula told her she can't sing with gum in her mouth. After wondering where to put it, Simon Cowell told her to put it on Taylor or something. She sang Gimme Your Love, and Simon interrupted her telling her they wouldn't be giving her any love. He said it was a terrible audition. This led to a lovely exchange between the two, with her wondering what Simon knows about music. She sang again and just wouldn't take no for an answer. Paula had fun with it though. Oh yeah, at the end, she too tried to leave through the wrong door, just like everyone yesterday. Guppy Girl gives us our first reference, thought not actually on the show. She had an unmistakeable fish-like quality that just couldn't be avoided.

A small clip featured a lot of No votes from the judges, particularly Simon. Stay-at-home mom Amy Salgado was up next She says that while her six-year-old son is supportive, her husband is not. She thinks her husband just doesn't want her to go off to Hollywood. While talking about her lack of confidence she starts to cry. She goes in and tells them she will try to sing Christina Aguilera's "Reflection." She has had a cold for about a week now. Simon wonders what she sounds like when she's well. Randy Jackson says it was awful. Amy wants to get water and try again. She does so and Simon tells her the water made it worse. They argue a smidge, with the end result being "no" from everyone. She says her son will still smile at her and love her.

A montage of bad singers led to Darwin "Mischa" Reedy, the blonde bombshell. Her mother (who just happened to be wearing the black version of the wig her daughter was wearing) was with her. Darwin tells the judges she is writing about a singing competition (with her mother). Randy wants mom to come in with Darwin. Darwin will be singing "Don'tcha" by the Pussycat Dolls. Simon tells them they just need to swap hair. After Darwin sings, Simon just holds up his hand and says "no." She starts to sing Sweet Home Alabama. Simon tells her it was appalling. Mom said she's very nervous today. Simon tells them it was nice to meet them, and they leave.

Rain pours down as they introduce clips of lots of teary contestants being told "NO" by the judges. This leads to Thomas "Tommy" Daniels, who quit his job as a gas attendent. American Idol is his elevator to the top. Simon ask him something about sleeping behind trash cans and Tommy apparently did that while waiting to audition. This is his third time auditioning for the show. Randy tells him that the third time is the charm. He sang "Arms of a Woman" very nicely and was told that he sang very well by Simon. Simon liked that it was a non-obvious song. Paula told him it was soothing after their bad start in Seattle. Tommy said he was confident during his place in line. Randy said he had beautiful tone. Paula had goosebumps. There was an adorable little bug-eyed dog that was getting some loving from the judges (it either belonged to Tommy or to someone in his family). Paula said if she and Simon had a love child, this is what it would look like.

Also bringing her dog was Melissa Stavros. She says she's loud and loves to sing. She wanted to sing "Hit me with your best shot" but someone told her Simon hates it. Paula asks her about loving to dance on tables which really got Randy excited. Simon said they won't be doing that now. Randy starts Melissa off with "I Like Big" and Melissa just follows right along and belts out the Big Butts song. Then she sang "I Turn to You" and she said she knew she was bad when she stopped. She got a no from all, and Simon wondered about the net thing she was wearing. After she left Melissa told Ryan Seacrest that she knew she sounded lika goat. Ryan asked her if she didn't always sound like that, and Melissa said she hoped not or her friend have been lying to her. All in all she was rather funny.

Next up was Blake Lewis, a spikey haired beat-boxer. He did some beatboxing (at Randy's request). He sang Seal's Crazy. Randy stopped him and Simon said he was good but over the top. Simon wondered if he is as good as he thinks he is. Blake said he's been doing it for 7 years, leading Simon to wonder why he hadn't been discovered then. Randy thought the beatboxing was better, but Blake picked the wrong son. Simon thought it was good enough to go through, and the other judges agreed with him.

A montage of bad singers leads to Simon telling David Mills that it's been one of the worst days they've ever had and he's one of the worst singers they've had.

Next up was the brother-sister team of Shyamali and Sanjaya Malakar. Their father is from India and is a classical musician. They decided to audition separately, and "argued" about who was better. First up was Shyamali, singing "Summertime." Paula said she was very nervous but she's better than she gives herself credit for. Simon says she's nothing unique or different. Randy tells her she just needs to find out who she is. She gets a yes from Paula and a yes from Randy. Simon says he's not jumping out of his chair but she has two yeses already. She told him she'd be shocked if he did jump out of his chair. Next up was brother Sanjaya. He says he isn't better than his sister. He is inspired by Stevie Wonder and sings "Signed Sealed Delivered." Simon tells him he's better than his sister and Randy agreed. Yeses from everyone, lead Sanjaya outside where he doesn't tell his sister who they thought was better.

Nicholas Zitzmann, a self-taught musician, was there to delight the judges with his rendition of Simon's favorite song, Unchained Melody. He says it has a nice range of notes and he can hit all of those notes. His co-workers encouraged him to try out, as they heard his instrumentals (but never his singing voice). Paula wondered what about him made him the next American Idol. Nick says he's a leader who can project himself very well. Simon wondered why he was different, but Nick didn't have an answer for that. Then Nick started to sing and it just went on and on. Simon ends the torture, wondering what the bloody heck that was. Nick says it was him and wasn't it good enough? Randy answers that it wasn't even close. Simon said that it was almost non-human (a stretch but still our second animal reference). Oh and we get a Forrest Gump reference too! After he leaves, Ryan Seacrest asks Nick when he will be singing again. Nick said maybe a year, maybe never, then after a paused added "That's really all I have to say about that." Nick said he has to watch his performance and see what he needed to work on. He added that he might scare himself.

The last contestant of the first day was Rudolpho "Rudy" Cardenas. He is in a band, based in Los Angeles, and he said he shouldn't have said that as they're expecting something now. Simon said that after today, he doesn't know about that. Simon stopped him when he was singing (a Journey song I might add), and Paula said 1 million percent yes. Randy joked that he thought it was an amazing song, Paula chimed in about the lovely bass part on it. Rudy got yeses from Randy and Paula, but said Simon was having a Bad Day, leading to... "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter as we saw clips of people getting mad at Simon.

All in all, 7 people from Day One made it, perhaps Day Two would be better, as the rain dried up. Simon, during a press conference, had a lot of not nice words to say about Seattle. That made new friends Kenneth Briggs and Jonathan Jayne not very happy. First up was Bug-Eyed Boy, who says he sings and dances. He has been compared to Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass, and Backstreet Boys. Simon asked him if he thinks he can win. BEB says he can and will make their mouths drop in shock. Mouths dropped alright, in horror as BEB sang "Tearing Up My Heart." At the "I can't take it anymore" line, Simon said "nor can I" and stopped him. The pair of them had a lovely exchange about why BEB was there, that wound up with Simon being a smidge mean. This deserves an exact quote. Simon told him that he "look like one of those creatures that live the jungle with those massive eyes what are they called? Bush Baby". Paula tried to console him by telling him he was awesome and Randy added that he enjoyed it. They all agreed BEB wasn't right for the competition. As he left, BEB went out the wrong door (yeah more wrong doors!). This led to Jonathan, and Simon wondering if he borrowed Randy's pants. Simon again asked if Jon could win, and Jon said he is different and has amazing personality. He sang "God Bless America" which Kenneth at the door thought was good. Simon said it was beautiful. Paula liked his spirit. Simon said he was nice and he likes him but this isn't his career path. The new best friends then complained about Simon's treatment of Kenneth in particular, with Kenneth saying Simon called him a monkey or something (animal reference number three!).

Eric Chapman, Taylor Hicks long-lost brother, showed up with salt-and-pepper hair. Eric is a hairdresser (and no doubt dyed his har) and says it's great looking like Taylor 'cause he's almost famous himself now. Eric says he has the Soul Patrol Twist Train going on (come on Soul Patrol are you going to take that lying down? FIGHT!). Anyhow, he tried to sing Drift Away. Simon wondered if he was serious, and wanted Eric to look him in the eyes swear on his mother's life that he was serious. Well apparently Eric's mom's life is in danger now, because he did it. He said people think he's Taylor Hicks (yeah, like anyone would think that once he started to sing). So Eric decides that he wants to do Simon's hair and takes out a jar of something and starts to walk toward Simon. Eric is interrupted by two burly guys who grab him and shove him out. That surprises Ryan who says they're security and wonders what happened. Eric says he just wanted to help out Simon and his hair, but Simon was scared.

Next up was a montage of height jokes, with Ryan either teasing or being teased regarding height. This led to Anna Kearns, who is 6 foot 4 without shoes. She says she gets a lot of attention and has wanted to be on AI since it started. She sang "Respect." Simon stopped her, telling her it was loud. Randy thought it was good, but loud. Simon thought she was old fashioned and cabaret and over the top. Randy and Paula growl at Simon, leading him to apologize for their unprofessional behaviour. Paula loves her, and Randy loves her so she is through. Simon congratulated them on putting "a giraffe" through to the next round (our fourth and final animal reference).

Jordin Sparks, 16, says she has been singing since she could talk. She was waiting to be old enough to audition for American Idol. She sang "Because You Love Me" by Celine Dion. Simon and Randy mumbled something to each other during the song. Paula said she loved it. Randy was blown away. Apparently her dad is some famous football player, I don't know football so someone else will have to explain that one to me. Anyhow, Simon said that he likes to put one sugar in his coffee, but that was like 11 sugars. He thought it was too cutesy and sugary for his taste (which Jordin said she understood). Randy said she is a natural and did everything perfect, Simon said she did well but not perfect. At any rate it was enough to go on.

At the end of Day Two, only 7 more people went on, making it a grand total of 14 from Seattle. This led to a montage of "Don'tcha" done by some of the worst contestants. Then the last contestant of the auditions, Steven Thoen, aka Red. He says that he's only seen one or two episodes of the show and isn't a big fan (leading to laughs from the crowd). He says he can hit high pitched notes. Simon asked him who he is as good as, and Red says the lead singer of Queen. He will be singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Randy and Paula couldn't contain the laughter, though Simon did a bit better with an occasional smile and smirk. He finally stops and Paula apologzies. He says he can do country too, but Simon tells him that was the weirdest audition that he's ever heard - like a 1 year old singing. Red says that's harsh and Simon says it wasn't harsh. Red snaps back that he is out of practice and he just needs lessons. Randy wonders who should coach him. Red says that if Simon thinks he's so great, he should coach him. Simon said that would be like coaching a one legged man to sprint. As Red left, he naturally went for the wrong door.

And so, we ended the day, again with the wrong door theme. Next week we head to Memphis, where we hope we find our long-lost MemphisMomma to delight us with her tales of sorrow and happiness from the auditions!
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 shellybean 2007-01-18 00:13:15  
Beanstalk- er
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Hey Gang!!!!Had a busy day and decided to stay up late to be one of the first to react on todays recap!

Curlio great recap! Just a few comments. When I saw Bug Eyed Boy the first thing I thought of was a Lemur! He looks just like a Lemur!

And I believe Randy and Simon whispered something like Jordin was the best they had seen.

And for some reason her Hottness reminded me of that chic a few years ago that sounded like the Nanny.

Okay question:
At one point early in the show (2nd or 3rd break) they did a set of people who were really bad. One of the girl's who had blonde hair and a dark tan reminded me and sounded like the girl last year who was really bad and really dumb. Did anyone catch that? Was it her? She was the one that Simon asked about her tan and they called her mom in and they looked alike. That's the only way I remembered her was the bad tan. I may have had too much Diet Coke tonight!

Also a little tidbit I heard today from a Fox camera man here in NC who covered the try outs in Greensboro NC and the Carolina contestants. He said that 95% of the bad people really think they are good. It's not a bunch of people just trying to get on TV, they really think they are good. He said that they have sung for 4 or 5 groups of people and since they keep going on they really think they have a chance. He said that you had to be really good or really bad to make it to Simon, Randy, and Paula. He also said that the contestants sing two songs. One is the one that they choose and the other is a "theme" song. For example on Tuesday night everyone sang Prince's "Kiss" and on Thursday it was "Don't cha". That is how they get those wonderful montages of songs by the really bad folks. Isn't it wonderful how those editors fool us!

Looking forward to a great year here with you guys!  
edit: shellybean - 2007-01-18 00:21:25 GMT - need to go to bed...
If you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning!

 dusty ( Website Owner ) 2007-01-18 00:33:28  
Edit Reaction  
here is the girl you mean - Crystal Parizanski, right? 
For I am the dust!

 ben1974 2007-01-18 09:00:51  

Edit Reaction  
Yikes Curlio! That animated GIF of Nick Zitzsmann freaked me out. I don't think you have done animated GIFs in your AI recaps before, so, to see creepy IT boy blinking reminded me of how big of a train wreck he was. That segment was definitely hard to watch. I am in IT and know of personalities like that, so I sort of felt bad for him. The editing of course made him even more creepy and accentuated his lack of personality. I hope he recovers from this and doesn't go on some killing rampage!

As hard as it was to watch creepy IT boy, I almost lost my dinner when "The Hotness" was on (I was eating a breaded Chicken Cordon Bleu at the time that eerily was the same color as her face). She indeed, did remind me of Mikalah from a few years ago, except more retched. Her attitude made her more vile.

On the flipside, I will be rooting for the brother and sister team. They are so doe-eyed and cute and huggable. You cannot help but like them. I hope they overcome their shyness in time for Hollywood as that may be a liability.  
Waiting for the real show to start...

 shellybean 2007-01-18 10:33:34  
Beanstalk- er
Edit Reaction  
Oh Dusty you are the master. That is the girl I was talking about. :) 
If you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning!

 amylou 2007-01-18 10:48:43  

Edit Reaction  
Ah, people like Nick Zitzmann make me proud to be from Utah! Way to represent!

Nick = Dirk 
So our tragedy is your good luck. Satan.

 AJ 2007-01-18 10:54:21  

Edit Reaction  
Okay, the "bush baby" comment took Simon’s biting humor way over the top. You don't make fun of something that people can't help. Remember the humor lesson in Borat?

The producers are putting some very obviously mentally challenged contestants out there to be ridiculed. There are enough bad contestants out there without adding in the developmentally disabled to the mix. My guilty AI pleasure is really making me feel guilty watching the helpless being abused. Let’s try something new: Show us the talented, the gifted, and the entertaining singers. Reverse the ratio, and let us see all the people moving on to Hollywood and then mix in the delusional wannabes. They deserve the verbal slams, not the defenseless developmentally disabled.

 Kelly 2007-01-18 11:29:03  

Edit Reaction  
Hi all, glad AI is back & look forward to reading all the dish every week. I certainly missed this.

I just really have to wonder........where are the friends/family of these individuals who totally SUCK? Certainly they've all seen the show & should know how Simon's going to treat them & should be doing their best to stop the crazies from auditioning on national TV! Do I think Simon was a bit over the top with his comments on "bush baby"? Of course. Did I laugh?Sure I did but frankly, that's why I watch the auditions. I know these people are not the most popular in their communities but they MUST have someone who cares about them & doesn't want to see them humiliated.....why aren't they speaking up?! To "bush baby" & Johnathan's credit I think they took it well & were good sports, unlike so many of the other rejects. Good for them! 

 Will ( Site Recruiter ) 2007-01-18 12:37:35  
We are Stardust!
Edit Reaction  
Hi, again to everyone! I just love the show, and as Shellybeanstalker, mentioned, these "true believers" didn't arrive at their lofty mis-understanding about "reality" overnight, sure they have loved one's but as the psych in the book "Loves Executioner" says ," the killing of illusion can be difficult and painfull for the deluded , his loved ones and any concerned person" I am not sure a little public exposure is bad for them. An awakening for them if it doesn't make them sucicidal is a step toward getting on with your life, and it may be an intervention where nobody cares.

Love All, Will

Curlio, you still have it!!!!! 
edit: Will - 2007-01-18 12:41:45 GMT -

 Syl ( Guest ) 2007-01-18 12:44:04  

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Hey, Curlio, so glad AI is back just so I can read your incredible comments the next day. I've taped the last two days, but I know who to watch out for now thanks to you.

Until next week then. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2007-01-18 14:24:23  

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"The Hottness" should have her own show. Not singing, of course. But I find her HI-larious. "The Hottness." mehehe. Totally spot on with the "kids from school were probably making fun of you" bit. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 Shenova ( Head Editor ) 2007-01-18 15:02:53  
She who thinks!
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AJ said:
Okay, the "bush baby" comment took Simon’s biting humor way over the top. You don't make fun of something that people can't help. Remember the humor lesson in Borat?

The producers are putting some very obviously mentally challenged contestants out there to be ridiculed. There are enough bad contestants out there without adding in the developmentally disabled to the mix.
I agree. I was returning phone calls while AI was on last night so I only caught a bit of the show. I was appalled at the obviously disabled individuals.

This is 2007, not the 1950's. Let's celebrate what these folks can do and not set them up as a source of ridicule when there are so many seemingly able-bodied morons to use for amusement!

 Will ( Site Recruiter ) 2007-01-18 17:38:18  
We are Stardust!
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Shenova said:

I agree. I was returning phone calls while AI was on last night so I only caught a bit of the show. I was appalled at the obviously disabled individuals.

This is 2007, not the 1950's. Let's celebrate what these folks can do and not set them up as a source of ridicule when there are so many seemingly able-bodied morons to use for amusement!

I don't know my sister, we all have a little bush monkey in us, me especially! Will hehehe  

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2007-01-18 19:09:54  

Edit Reaction  
Just a couple of thoughts about last night:

Her Hotness- scary. She could easily get the lead in "Attack of the Man-faced Troll".

Mischa Reedy - I found her lack of support disturbing.

Finally, i have to agree with the other posts regarding Zitzman/Briggs/Jayne/Red. Clearly, these people had moderate to severe mental issues. To ridicule them on TV is cruel and unnecessary. What's nest, some guy with Turrets!?! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 jcz 2007-01-18 21:32:14  

Edit Reaction  
Before I get to Idol, I wanted to say that I agree with a post from yesterday that this year's Nashville Star is definitely weaker than normal. I wonder if that's why they booted 2 on their own in the first week?

As for Idol, I'm starting to think that too many of these horrible people are faking it. I think Darwin and her "mother" were faking the monotone speaking voices that they both had, as well as their look and her bad singing. It's not funny when people seem to be faking, just boring.

On to the good singers: I've seen 4 so far that I hope make it through the Hollywood round. From Tuesday, Perla Meneses and Michelle Steingas, and from Wednesday, Shyamali Malakar and Jordin Sparks. In fact, Jordin's website is only a static page that says it will be returning soon, so I'm betting that she made it through.

As you can tell, I only like the females. I was a big McPhan last year, though I gotta say her new single "Over it" doesn't even sound like her. I'll still buy the album, of course!

And I'd also like to mention that I, too, think that the judges (even Paula) now seem to be over-the-top cruel unnecessarily on occasion. The first night, with Jewel, there was a girl who thought she was better than she was, and was obviously crushed by their rejection. But she was such a fan that she had brought a poster that she had made for them, and even after being crushed, she still wanted to give them the poster, and asked if they wanted it. All 3 (even Paula!) said no almost simultaneously. Jewel even commented on how cold they were, and I have to agree. How hard would it have been to accept the poster, and probably make this audition/rejection still be the highlight of this girl's life? I have to say that they lost a little respect in my eyes for that (especially Paula!).

 Shenova ( Head Editor ) 2007-01-19 01:34:06  
She who thinks!
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Will said:

I don't know my sister, we all have a little bush monkey in us, me especially! Will hehehe

Speaking of which, are you fully recovered from last year's surgery, Will?

 Sprout 2007-01-19 04:36:27  
I'm Supertramp
Edit Reaction  
Yay! Idol is back and so is Curlio!!! And so is the gang!

Ok, I have to wonder – do AI people plant some of the awful contestants (professional actors), like that awful reality show – My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé? (Ashamed to say I saw that in passing!) Seriously, are these people for real? I really have a hard time believing that people live in such delusion!

I wonder why there’s always a theme of “friendship” between two awful contestants. The friendship of Kenneth and Jonathan reminded me of previous auditions, remember the friendship between two guys, where one of the guys was all about David Hasselhoff. This is maybe third time I am seeing friendship brewing among guys with seemingly little IQ!

Was I the only one who felt bad for Jonathan? He seemed like a sweet guy. Delusional, no doubt, but sweet nonetheless. Kenneth, Oy! Justin Timberlake? Lance Bass? Who are Kenneth’s friends? Kenneth honey, with friends like this, you don’t need enemies! I am sorry, but he did look like a bush-baby!

Who wants to bet that like Mandisa last year, we will hear Anna telling Simon that she was hurt after listening to him state that she was a giraffe, if she makes the cut?!

I have yet to zone in on my favourites; because the contestants given air-time during auditions don’t necessary make it in Hollywood!

With great bias I loved the brother-sister team! She is beautiful and he is darn cute! Me gal wants to adopt Sanjay! I do doubt whether they will make the cut, but hey, they seemed really fun. Loved their "I am the best" argument! I couldn’t agree more with Ben, when he says; they are doe-eyed and huggable.

Steven – Jesus – that was scary!

Will ma dear, how you hangin’? Shelly love, love your posts and rest welcome to the board again – it’s been too long! Oh yeah, where’s Mom, who Rocks the most and Drama Queen?

The good thing is – this time there is no distraction for me – so FUN!

Dusty & Curlio – What’s with the Latin obsession? Ricky Martin, I knew! Shakira as well? Man, the dream treat for y’all would be front row and backstage passes at Latin Grammy!

Dusty – loved the blinky! LOL!

Cheers All!  
The Core Of Man's Spirit Comes From New Experiences!

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2007-01-19 06:18:56  

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Some random collected thoughts

1. Last year I was dismayed at the parade of fools and idiots, and received little or no sympathy from you lot. You'll get none from me this year - but I will tell you what y'all told me. It's there for entertainment value.

2. I have no sympathy for the fools who audition - even the "mentally challenged (see number three for further details." If you haven't seen the show, you're a fool to audition for it. If you have seen the show, you're still a fool to audition for it, even if you're talented. Yes, Taylor Hicks, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia Barrino and Ruben Studdard were all fools. Winning Fools, but fools none the less. Everyone in the civilized world should know by now that you WILL be made fun of when you go on AI, even if you are talented.

3. I don't think any of those people who have auditioned yet are "mentally challenged." Delusional idiots? Sure! Bottom-feeders who were teased and tortured in High School (and from the way some of them act, it was unknown to them that they were being teased - think Hottness)? Most definitely! Mentally Challenged? Nope, that's an insult to the truly mentally challenged. I might have welcomed an argument that William Hung was Developmentally Disabled - but these people don't suffer from DD, they suffer from DI - Delusional Idiocity.

4. I too am suffer the after effects of Zitzmann blinking at me constantly. You should have seen what we wanted to do with Lemur-Monkey-Boy, but Dusty just couldn't manage (think about his eyeballs).

5. I think that a decent portion of the weird and horrific during the AI auditions are really there as a joke or a promotion for themselves. Did we really believe Taylor Hicks' long-lost brother? No. Others have shown up in the past and admitted later they were there as a joke or merely to promote themselves as an actor/comedian.

6. I've heard a lot of people (on and offline) complaining about Simon's treatment of Lemur-Monkey-Boy. Why is his treatment of this bug-eyed person so bad, and his treatment of Mandisa or any of the other overweight contestants is acceptable to you then?

7. Yes, I agree the judges are far colder this year than in years past. They are becoming jaded by all of the idiots. Perhaps it's finally time to change the audition process and put only the good in front of the judges.

8. I don't know that Dusty and I have a Latin Obsession, I personally just tend to fall for guys with dark hair and dark eyes (and as 99.9999% of the Latin hotties qualify in that respect, it's far more likely to find me getting the hots for a man who will be speaking Spanish to me). How I ended up with a blonde-haired blue-eyed hubby is completely beyond me.  

 Sprout 2007-01-19 07:05:45  
I'm Supertramp
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curlio said:
Mentally Challenged? Nope, that's an insult to the truly mentally challenged. I might have welcomed an argument that William Hung was Developmentally Disabled - but these people don't suffer from DD, they suffer from DI - Delusional Idiocity.
I agree, no one is mentally challenged, if one has a severe condition, it is very obvious. But at the same time, it does seem that some lack the required IQ, maybe it’s the nerves or they are faking it or something else, but the way some come across (read Jonathan especially) one does wonder if…

And here’s where the sympathy creeps in. I did not feel sorry for Kenneth, but I did feel sorry for Jonathan, I thought he was simple, to put it in PCL.

You have to agree Curlio that for one to realize the Delusional Idiocy one needs some kind of brain and here’s where I wonder if these are plants by the show, because as naïve as I am, I cannot believe that normal people can live with such delusions.

I am referring to Kenneth here, he was clueless, and hence the assumption of many thinking that he might not be that smart! And I agree he is not smart, but to deem him as a mentally challenged dude, I agree with you, that would be foolish.

Frankly, even Nicholas was as clueless. So was David. What is the deal with high notes? I don’t think they too were mentally challenged. I mean come on…

Also, I repeat what are the odds of odd-balls finding friendship each year? And mark my words; these boys will make it in the finale montage. It’s too predictable!
curlio said:
8. I don't know that Dusty and I have a Latin Obsession, I personally just tend to fall for guys with dark hair and dark eyes (and as 99.9999% of the Latin hotties qualify in that respect, it's far more likely to find me getting the hots for a man who will be speaking Spanish to me). How I ended up with a blonde-haired blue-eyed hubby is completely beyond me.
Oy! The problem is that you are so straight that besides Ricky Martin, I really don’t have any ammunition to pull your leg, even mildly.

I had no idea about Shakira and if you think I will think twice before I pull Dusty’s leg, you have to be kidding me sister!

I think everyone (hopefully) knows about this factor, but it is still fun to rag you a bit on the matter!

And for uninformed, included in the list is the Spanish dude from Il Divo! Let’s just hope he is straight!

And as for how you ended up with a blonde-haired blue-eyed hubby – I think it’s called LOVE!

Oh this never gets old, but I think for 2007 – this is enough! LOL!  
The Core Of Man's Spirit Comes From New Experiences!

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2007-01-19 08:03:25  

Edit Reaction  
Sprout said:
And for uninformed, included in the list is the Spanish dude from Il Divo! Let's just hope he is straight!

Ah Hunky Carlos. For those unfortunate ladies(and gay men) who have not yet had the pleasure of viewing the wonder that is My Hunky Carlos, I give to you a lovely picture. For those wondering the boys in the picture are from left to right - My Hunky Carlos, Sebastien Izambard (French), David Miller (USA), and Urs Buhler (Switzerland and also quite handsome). Hunky Carlos is straight though unfortunately married to a very gorgeous woman (one he's known for 10 years, and thus is a relationship that is destined to last for years and years as it's not a "hey I'm famous let's get me someone famous too" wife.) Pictures of their fantasy wedding at Disneyland are viewable on Il Divo's forum for the interested.

Oh, and Il Divo aren't necessarily "off-topic" for anyone wondering. They were created by our lovely Simon Cowell (and interestingly enough they performed his favorite song, Unchained Melody on their first album).  

 Fredereeck ( Guest ) 2007-01-19 08:17:12  

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I guess America has judged whether or not Idol has gone to far, seeing they have experienced the highest ratings ever.

Question - do you think Eric Chapman, the psycho-hairstylist, lost any clients after the show aired? Would you want that creep touching your head? 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2007-01-19 08:51:06  

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Guest (Fredereeck) pondered:
Question - do you think Eric Chapman, the psycho-hairstylist, lost any clients after the show aired? Would you want that creep touching your head?
I think that what he lost in clients he probably made up for with other curious people. He's one of me arguments for the "the DIs are there not for talent but for their own hidden agenda"

But for the girls in the audience, did you actually LIKE the hairstyle he gave that woman? I can shake my own head thank you. Before I'm going to trust someone with my hair, they need to have a decent head of hair on themselves. He looked like he used that Halloween spray on hair color, you know the one that just flakes off.  

 jcz 2007-01-19 10:49:41  

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Did anyone else notice the absence of Ruben in the past winners on the wall behind the judges and contestants?

I agree with the above posts about the 2 weird guys meeting in line and becoming friends. It's been done, and they're always unusual people, and always horrible. Even if AI is not planting these, they are quite possibly self-plants.

Is anyone watching Idol Rewind, which is basically a rerun of season 1? I was slightly late to the party in 2002, only starting during the semis, so I never saw the original audition shows that they are showing now. What I find strange is how some of the contestants seem to already have heard of Simon, which makes no sense because the show had not yet aired.

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2007-01-19 11:07:22  

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Ruben is there... you can clearly see him on the far left side behind the contestants (on the other side of Kelly Clarkson) when Brandon Groves performs.

Last year (I think?) Clay Aiken was also on the wall, which I thought was more odd than anything.  

 shellybean 2007-01-19 15:37:56  
Beanstalk- er
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You know I am the resident dumb blonde and thought I was the only one who wasn't getting the mentally challenged thing. Johnathon had a lisp. A lisp does not make one mentally challenged. He did seem like a sweet heart of a guy.

Now Lemur boy. He reminded me (and this is going to sound soooooooo callus) of those geeky guys back in school who truly thought they were God's gift to women. A fine example would be Michael Anthony Hall's character from Sixteen Candles. His character thought he was so cool and his geeky friends fueled that belief. He just hit me as one of those Jerky Geeks where as Johnathon was lovable and sweet.

As far as mentally challenged, I agree I don't think we have seen that yet. Unstable, yes. And honestly I think we have seen some folks with some high IQs. They just have low Social Qs.

Oh Curlio. Your Carlos picture is devine. I too love those dark haired, dark eyed men. And my husband is blonde haired (what is left) and green eyed!  
edit: shellybean - 2007-01-19 15:40:31 GMT - spelling
If you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning!

 Will ( Site Recruiter ) 2007-01-19 16:38:10  
We are Stardust!
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Shenova said:


Speaking of which, are you fully recovered from last year's surgery, Will?

Thanks for asking my Dear! I'm about 60% I do, however walk without a limp now and sleep without pain. The orthopedic folks can do magic these days! Will

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