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 Top 12 American Idol Does their Birthyear dusty  
 2011-03-18 00:11:27       
Television A day late posting this article, but my cold is finally starting to go away, hopefully next week I'll be able to post the article on the same day of the performance :)

This week the American Idol top 12 contestant had to perform songs from their birth year.

The contestant to kick off the night was Naima Adedapo. She was born in 1984 and decided to sing Tina Turner's "What's love got to do with it?". To me it sounded very karaoke and off key. Steven Tyler apparently was tone deaf and said he loved it and that it was beautiful. Jennifer Lopez commented that every week she is consistantly pitchy and Randy Jackson said that her vocals were all over the place.

The second contestant was Paul McDonald. He sang an Elton John song from 1984. The bad news for him was that he had a cold. I love his voice eventhough during the performance he had a few pitch problems at several spots. Jennifer Lopez said that he sounded good and that he has a lot of soul in his voice and that he definately has star quality. Randy mentioned that some notes were very pitchy but that it was great as he managed to make the song his own. Steven said that he was off key a bit on some of the notes but that Paul's swagger was "Way Cool."

The next contestant was Thia Megia, she was born in 1995 and decided to sing Vanessa Williams. For a change she did sound good to me. Randy say that the vocals were kinda okay but that he considers her doing a ballad every week to be a problem. and that it was very boring and that there was nothing unique about it. Steven said she sang the song beautiful. Jennifer called the song choice a little safe.

james Durbin was born in 1989 and for his performance he decided to sing a Bon Jovi song. I normally do like his voice, but to me he sounded completely off key. Steven warned him to not go too poppy on him. Jen said it was great and that she loved it. Randy seemed to be the one with the better ear and said there were a couple of spots where he was off-key.

The fifth performance would sing the first Whitney Houston song of the night and that was Haley Reinhart, she was born in 1990. She started off karaoke to me, but she had a nice swing in her voice for the song. Jennifer complimented her on her looks and said she has an amazing voice and that she should move what comes naturally to her as "acting" makes the performance completely fake. Randy said that the vocals were okay but not great and he fears that she doesn't know who she is because she keeps switching types of songs. Steven called the performance sweet and said he wanted to hear more blues from her.

The next contestant was Stefano Langone and he chose a 1989 Simply Red song. He had a great performance, Randy apparently would agree with my opinion and he said it was the best performance of the night so far. Steven said that Stefano's phrasing was beautiful and that he loved the over the top performance. Jennifer said it was the perfect song choice for him.

Pia Toscano, born in 1988 would sing the second Whitney Houston song of the night. Just link Haley she started off pitchy at the start but unlike the previous Whitney cover she was off key throughout her performance. Steven clearly disagreed with what I heard as he said that she nailed the song. Jennifer was glad to hear something up tempo from Pia and called it perfect. Randy said it was amazing vocals and that she brings amazing vocals each week.

Contestant number eight was Scotty McCreery. He was born in 1993 and choose a Travis Tritt song. With Scotty's low voice he is destined to be a great country artist though in this performance he was a bit off key at times. Jennifer mentioned that he is growing each week. Randy said he could sing anything and Steven said it was really good.

The next contestant was Karen Rodriguez. She decided to sing a song I didn't know from Taylor Dayne from 1989 called "Love Will Lead You Back". Her performance was good and showed that she can sing stuff outside spanish and still sound very good. Randy said the performance started a bit rough but that it was better than last week. Steven didn't really have any feedback. Jennifer said that she noticed that she was a bit scared when starting but that she "attacked" the performance and pulled it together.

Casey Abrams would do the most risky performance of the night; A Nirvana song from 1991. he definately put his own stamp on the song and I didn't really like the first part but ti got better the further along he went. Steven said it was good and that Casey is so crazy and so talented. Jennifer said that it was a risk but that she loved him much and called him just like last week "Sexy". Randy said he was most impressed with the risk taht he took and that he seems fearless and that he sees that he puts art first though he said it was not the best performance that Randy had seen from him.

The second to the last contestant was Lauren Alaina performing a 1994 song from Melissa Etheridge. To me it felt like she was behind the rythm at several points during the performance and she also sounded a bit sharp at times. Jennifer said that it was very nice and that Lauren gave it a country flavor and that she made the song her own. Randy called it very nice and said that Lauren should have a cold every week. Steven said she was a shining Star.

The contestant closing the show this week was Jacob Lusk. He sang "Alone" by Heart, a song that got released in 1987. He was off key and sounded sharp at points. In my opinion his voice also didn't match the voices of the background singers. At times he was also screaming instead of singing. All three judges disagreed with my opinion as Randy said it was a very nice performance but that he was a bit sharp but that he definately is in it to win it. Steven said that if gospel had a baby that they would name it Jacon Lusk. Jennifer said it was amazing to watch.

At several points during the show I was wondering if the judges were actually juding the same performances that we just watched. Steven seems to only be able to give compliments and Jennifer has a hard time giving bad critique. The only judge actualyl giving decent feedback would be Randy and even he packages the bad news in a nice wrapper.

I would give the worst performance of the night to Jacob Lusk.
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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2011-03-18 18:58:57  

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Happy to see another review.

The judges seem to be quite tame with their comments this year. 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2011-03-20 15:08:37  

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Based on performance on the night, my top three are -

1. Casey
2. Scotty
3. Pia

Bottom three

1. Karen
2. Naomi
3. Thia

IMO correct one sent home! 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

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