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 American Idol reveals their (almost) top 12 dusty  
 2011-03-05 17:23:19       
Television This week the top 12 of American Idol was revealed.

Ryan Seacrest started the show off by mentioning that a total of forty millions votes were cast over the two performing days. he also announces that only 10 will pass on by the viewer votes and that two more wildcards will be added to the top 12. the judges will decide who will sing for the wildcard spots after all the cuts have been announced and two of those will be put into the top 12.

The first two guys to hear their results are Scott McCreery and Robbie Rosen, Scott hears that he is safe and is going on, while Robbie hears that he did not make it. After this a group of three guys are called up; Clint Jun Gamboa, Jovani Barreto and Jordan Dorsey. They all get the bad news that they didn't make it either.

The first two girls called to the stage get good news instead. Both Pia Toscano and Lauren Alaina are safe. The next two girls called up to the stage Julie Zorrilla and reeTatynisa Wilson hear that it is the end for them. After this another group of three girls hear their fate; Kendra Chantelle, Ashthon Jones and Karen Rodriguez. Only Karen gets the good news that she made it to the next round.

It was time for a group of three guys to hear if they were safe or eliminated. Tim Halperin was told he did not make it, but Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk both heard they did manage to make it to the next round. From the next three girls on stage only Thia Megia got the news that she was safe, which meant that Naima Adedapo and Lauren Turner are possibly going home.

Paul McDonald hears next that he is safe, while Brett Loewenstern hears that it is the end for him.

The last two girls standing are Haley Reinhart and Rachel Zevita. Out of those two Rachel gets the bad news that she did not make it. And Haley hears that she is going through to the next round. out of the last two guys James Durbin hears that he is safe, while Stefano Langone is told that he is going home.

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson announce that they will pick six of the contestants that did not make it to perform tonight for a chance for the two wildcard positions.

The first contestant to perform is Ashthon Jones. She sings a Jennifer Hudson song. She has some good high notes but was flat at some other points. Steven said he liked it, Jennifer said she felt her passion and Randy said he loves her attitude.

The second contestant was Stefano Langone. He sang "I Need You Now" and gave a very good performance and showed that he has an excellent control over his voice. Randy called it great, Jennifer said it was really well done and Steven said he brought it to the stage today.

The 3rd contestant was Kendra Chantelle. To me it was just a blah performance. As apparently they were starting to run behind the schedule only Randy got to comment on the performance and he said that she started low but really reached it at the end.

The 4th contestant performing was Jovani Barreto. All i can say about that performance was WOW!. Jennifer said he did a "good job."

The second to the last performance was given by Naima Adedapo. She was off key at several spots and it made the whole performance sound terrible to me. Steven said that her performance cam from really deep down inside.

The last contestant was Robbie Rosen. For once I decided not to look at the performance his voice was kinda good and gave an okay performance. Randy however called it a "Great Performance".

Now out of these six contestants the two that were at the top of the list for me were Stefano and Jovani. So I was hoping that they wouldn't do the crappy one girl, one guy needs to go on. However they announced one girl first; Ashton Jones was one of the contestants getting one of the two wild card positions. A travesty in my opinion because Stefano and Jovani were both better than her.

The second position was given to one of the guys; Stefano! but wait there was still hope: they decided to put one more contestant through to the next round. This surely must be Jovani, because no-one else from the ones that didn't get picked yet even tipped to his performance. Shock came over me when they announced it was Naima Adedapo.

How come year after year they keep cutting people that are clearly better to the viewers than people that keep buckling on a live performance and clearly can not perform under the pressure of being on television?
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 dusty ( Website Owner ) 2011-03-05 17:29:22  
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Better late than never I suppose; So sorry to the old regulars for posting this late. Ever since we have two babies occupying the house, life has been a bit more hectic than usual.

So people that are new/old regulars, yes we will still do reviews from the performances and result shows this year.

And for the one hater that keeps bugging us each year; No we will not close the site because you consider that the site "is dead.". We just have more important stuff to do than to please you. We do this site as a hobby and sometimes things in life comes first before a hobby. 
For I am the dust!

 curlio ( Website Owner ) 2011-03-06 08:57:26  

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The judges are idiots and Nigel Lythgoe is a * liar. He said there would be no top 24, we would go straight to a top 12. He lied. He said it wouldn't be even between boys and girls. He lied. I can not believe the judges put Naima through over Jovany. That's just stupid. She sucks. She hasn't sounded decent yet. They like her because she looks different, not because she can actually sing.  

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2011-03-07 10:02:36  

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Glad you're back, but f.y.i. - Lauren Turner was not safe, it was Lauren Alaina. :-) 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2011-03-10 10:45:49  

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You said you will do reviews of the performers this year.
Does that mean on a week delayed basis?
Come on. If you're going to do it, do it right. I come to this site to see how people were responding right after it aired.
Days later is lame.
Understand the time restraints with family. But, doesn't make it compelling from this end to want to revisit.
Obviously, the number of responses you have reflects that.

ds atlanta 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2011-03-10 10:56:51  

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We'll see if anyone is still reading this site. Not much reaction so far.

Regarding Wednesday's Top 13 show, I thought it was below par, compared to what we've seen from this group so far and what I was expecting.
The band almost sounds like its on tape. Not much presence and not helping the singers.
The judges didn't impress me early on. They were too sympathetic and wound up sending twice the number thru to Hollywood. I think that caused the switch in format to accommodate the extra numbers.
But, as the weeks went on, I started to like them...until last night.
There was too much support and not enough blunt honesty. Simon was missed. Singers who were average were praised for something. If not the singing, then their heart or look.
The loved Stefano and I thought he was awful.
James was good, but was too repetitive without the chorus.
Normally love Jacob, but didn't like him this time. Same with Pia.
To me, Scotty was the best. You may not like country, but he was spot on.
I think the problem was that the singers were choosing songs from singers that they admired. That doesn't mean those are styles that they should be doing themselves. Didn't translate for most.
The three wild cards have an uphill climb since they didn't have fan support to begin with.
I think bottom three are Stefano, Thia and Ashthon with Ashthon going home. Her Diana Ross was off. Seemed like she was just under every note but rarely where she should be. Berry Gordy had to be thinking, "he brought me here for this?"

Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 shellybean 2011-03-10 21:58:16  
Beanstalk- er
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Congrats on the two babies!!!! I think this is the first year in several that I am actually watching idol. And part of that is that life has "gotten in the way." Will be popping by some this year! 
If you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning!

 dusty ( Website Owner ) 2011-03-11 00:21:50  
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Yes I'll do reviews of the shows, just this week is delayed because of being sick 
For I am the dust!

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