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 American Idol Nashville Auditions dusty  
 2011-01-27 22:53:02       
Television Today was the fourth audition cities of American Idol this time held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Before they introduce anything they start out with Darius Thomas "singing" high notes and they show people wondering what's going on and even a building collapsing.

A total of 17.000 people auditioned in Nashville, weird faced Christina McCaffrey is the first real contestant. She walks in singing weird but when she really start singing it's even worse than expected. She's completely tone deaf. She gets three no's from the judges, to her mother she tells that Steven Tyler said she had a good voice and he gave her a yes.

The next two contestants are exes. Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bolin They still live together though the girl has a new boyfriend. Rob has quite a good raspy voice and good control over it. Chelsee has also a very good voice. Randy gives a yes to both of them, so does Jennifer Lopez and Steven. So both of them go on to Hollywood.

The next contestant was Allen Lewis. He's very outgoing. Randy said he gets the impression that Allen is more a band guy. He doesn't get a pass to Hollywood.

19 year old Miss Tennessee 2009, Stormy Henley is the next contestant. She has a good voice and seems to have decent control. Steven Tyler said that with some work she could really belt it out, he gives her a yes. Jennifer Lopez says she's gorgeous but that the voice isn't strong enough. Randy gives her a yes and she gets a pass to Hollywood.

This is followed by a set of bad singers all hearing that they don't get to go on.

The next real contestant is Adrienne Beasley. We get her back story that she got adopted by white parents while she's a black girl. She has a really good voice. Randy said it was very nice. Steven heard something special in her voice. Jennifer was surprised by the emotion in the singing. With all three judges impressed it was not a surprise she got a yes from each of the judges.

The next day's first contestant was the 5 foot 2 28 year old Kameela Merricks, she says she has a really good voice. When she starts singing all she does is scream and even that is off key. Steven tells her to go back home and practice. Randy said it was loud and painful.

The net contestant is a guy in a complete spandex blue outfit that even covers his face so he's completely unrecognizable. They put his name up as "?" He sang terrible and it's not a wonder that he didn't want his face on the television. A good decision on that part. He is followed by several other bad singers.

Jackie Wilson is very nervous. She doesn't have a great voice but a decent voice and quite good control. Steven says she blew it out. Jennifer says absolutely yes and Randy also gives her the thumbs up.

The next contestant is 26 year old recording artist Latoya "Younique" Moore. She brought one cd with her for the judges so they can listen to her album. I highly doubt that they will even try as her audition was horrendous. She was pitchy all over the place. Steven said it was definately unique. Randy said the sound and tone was annoying. She starts walking off, but then decides to sing some more on her way out and stands at the exit. Randy tells her it's still a no.

Paul McDonald had a very soft raspy voice which sounded very nice. Jimmie Allen had a really great voice. Danny Pate sang "My Father Was A Rolling Stone". The judges joined in on singing it. All three got a pass to Hollywood.

The next contestant Matt Dillard has a back story about how his parents have helped a lot of foster children in the last quarter century. Steven said it was a pretty voice. Randy gave him a very small yes. Jennifer says no because she didn't think his audition was good enough. He comes walking out of the audition room with a golden ticket.

The last contestant is 15 year old Lauren Alaina. We get a back story of her cousin which happens to be like a sister to her and her cousin getting cancer and that she was the reason that she started singing. Her voice is very good for such a young person. Randy said it was the best of the day. Jennifer agreed with that comment. Randy says she has true god given talent. All three want her to go to Hollywood. She asks if she can get her family into the audition room because they would really love to meet the judges.

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 GUEST ( Guest ) 2011-01-28 23:10:00  

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Never thought i would say this but i really miss Simon. Is it just me or are the auditions really XTRA boring this year? 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

 AreU4Real 2011-01-28 23:14:15  

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Just can't seem to get into American Idol this year, i'm trying. Am I the only one missing Mr. Butthole Simon? 

 Candle 2011-03-01 22:09:39  

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Wondering why this stops with jan 27? 

 dusty ( Website Owner ) 2011-03-03 01:01:06  
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Auditions were too boring in my opinion, and been too hectic this week to post the reviews for this week (performances) yet.
For I am the dust!

 GUEST ( Guest ) 2011-03-03 04:50:00  

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i beg to differ..i find this season's American Idol to be much more interesting then the previous 2 seasons....the talent this year is rather good...and jennifer and steven are pretty i really hope u will continue on from the top 13 onwards.....a follower of this site for american idol since 2006 
Don't mind me, I'm just a guest.

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