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 American Idol 2011, Kicks off in New Jersey dusty  
 2011-01-19 22:58:06       
Television With a one year old running around and another one month old around the house reporting is quite challenging, with all the rumors that the judges would be nicer and they would be more supportive than years before it was set in my mind that this year would become a very boring American Idol season.

American Idol reutrns for the 10th season. They start out with the controversy that happened before the final judges were announced earlier last year. The new judges of course being Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

They talked about why Jennifer and Steven decided to accept to be judges. In total 125.000 people were auditioning for this season. Ryan Seacrest said that this season is one of the best talents they have ever seen. Something he has said each of the last five years. To prove it they of course showed someone that sounded truly bad.

The first place they visited was New Jersey. The podium that they are on is actually the American Idol logo, but instead of the standard blue, it's in a gray scale. The first contestant is someone that auditioned in the 6th season. 22 year old Rachel Zevita is remembered by Jennifer and said that this was not the best audition that she could give. Steven says that she should be more on fire. He and Jennifer says she got it and give her a yes, Randy says yes too and she is the first person put through to Hollywood.

The next person is a guy called Caleb Hawley. In my opinion sounded better than the first contestant. Steven was excited about him, Jennifer liked his voice and Randy liked the high sound. Of course all three say yes to him.

15 year old Kenzie Palmer was next. Though she is quite young she sounded better than the first contestant. Steven said he didn't feel it, but that she sang beautiful. Randy said he sees what Steven said. In the end they all gave her a yes anyway.

A lot of people are followed in the segment all hearing that they get a pass to the next round.

The first contestant hearing that she wouldn't pass was Achille Lovle originally from the Ivory Coast. She sings very very flat and is missing to hit any notes. Steven said that she just doesn't have the notes. Jennifer says it's not about her accent but it's more about the not able to sing. Steven says no, Jennifer says no and Jennifer feels terrible about it.

The net girl calls herself a real "Jersey" Girl and is a dance instructor. She starts crying on stage and Steven looks at Randy and asks if he's looking "down" as he sees him looking down. She sings a terrible random song that she made herself and the high notes really sounds terribly. She sings a real song and when she hits the high notes she goes flat and it feels more like she's screaming and singing through her nose. Jennifer is happy that she sung that and said she has a really good voice. Steven likes her energy. Amazingly she is getting a yes from each of the judges.

After this they show a lot of contestants that sound terribly and fall flat with their singing. Steven gets easy to say no, Jennifer however still has trouble saying no to contestants.

Melkia Wheatfall however is considered Jennifer's breaking point, as she has no trouble what so ever saying no to her.

We get the sad story of Robbie Rosen and how he spent several months in a wheelchair. Big Nosed Robbie Rosen sings "Yesterday". Unexpectedly he actually sounds good and has a great face for the radio. Steven says he sounded great and has a beautiful voice. Jennifer liked the tone and that he's cute (huh?) Randy said he has crazy mad vocals.

The creepy 18-year old boy scout contestant called Chris was next. He is singing a very flat version of "My Way." Steven said he scared everyone in the room. He gets a no from the judges. Jennifer asks Randy how he did this for ten years.

Burping contestant Michael Perotto sounded terrible. He did have some energy to him though. Steven asks him if he ate a lot of paint chips as a child. He sings another song. Steven says we have a failure to communicate. Jennifer says it sounds like he's singing in a woman's voice.

Ashley Sullivan sounds very hyper when introducing herself. She sang better than expected but sounds very broadway. Jennifer says that the way she sings and sounds is not for American Idol but more for musicals and Broadway. She ends up on her knees crying because she wants to go to Hollywood. Randy says no, but Jennifer and Steven give her a yes. Steven says afterwards that he's personally going to make her into something good.

Victoria Huggins 16 3/4 years old from North Carolina is the next contestant. She says it's unique that a 16 year old wants something this bad. American Idol set in a set of 16 year old wanting really to be the next American Idol. Jennifer calls her adorable and gives a yes. Randy says at age 16 she has every trick in the book and because of her personality he says yes to her.

The last contestant of the day is Melinda Ademi originally from Kosovo. Her family is a war refugee, by pure luck he managed to win a green card through the green card lottery to get into the states. While she is singing you do not hear an accent. Steven said that her singing was very beautiful. Randy said yes too as does Jennifer.

The second day starts of with Devyn Rush a singing waitress. She has a nice swing in her voice, and sounds great. Steven said it was nice and Jennifer said she loved it too. She gets a yes from all three judges.

We get another section of bad singers.

The next contestant is Yoji "Pop" Asano from Japan. Singing "Party in the USA" from Miley Cyrus. his accent really makes it hard to understand what he is singing and it makes it more comical than anything. He of course did not go through to Hollywood.

They show a section of people singing "Party in the USA". Most of them of course being completely off key. This is followed by anther section of really bad singers.

The next real featured contestant was Brielle von Hugel, her father being a member of a "doo-bop" group and had a scare of Throat Cancer, but managed to get clear. She actually sounds great. Steven said she hit the notes and it was nice and that she has a beautiful voice. Steven asks her to bring her dad in. They congratulate him on surviving the cancer. Steven says yes, Jennifer says she has a lot of work to do, but she is going to say yes too. Randy agrees with Jennifer but says she certainly has potential.

The last contestant was 16 year old Travis Orlando, Him and his family (including his twin brother) lived in a shelter for awhile because his father got sick and they lost their home. They now live in their own house again, but still live pay check from pay check. I was glad to hear that he did have a good voice. Nice control and soft. Randy liked his singing voice and vibe. Jennifer said he has a very unique and pretty tone to his voice. Steven said he sings beautiful.

Totally 51 Hollywood tickets were given to people in New Jersey. Tomorrow night will be in New Orleans.

Overall the judges did better than I expected. They did seem to be soft at the beginning but that seemed to quickly change during the day. There is hope for this season yet.
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